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Manga Isha to Hiken-tai-san
Isha to Hiken-tai-san
Chapter 4
Chapter 3
Manga One Operation Joker
One Operation Joker
Chapter 81
Chapter 8.1
Manga Reincarnation no Kaben
Reincarnation no Kaben
Petals of Reincarnation, Pétales de Réincarnation, Pétalos de Reencarnación, Лепестки реинкарнации, リィンカーネーションの花弁, 轮回的花瓣
Chapter 95.5
Chapter 95
Manga Kimi ni Koisuru Satsujinki
Kimi ni Koisuru Satsujinki
きみに恋する殺人鬼, A murderer who falls in love with you
Chapter 39
Chapter 38
Manga Slave Vessel
Slave Vessel
Chapter 12
Chapter 11
Manga Influencer ni Stalker sareteimasu
Influencer ni Stalker sareteimasu
Chapter 18
Chapter 17
Manga Imawa no Kuni no Alice Retry
Imawa no Kuni no Alice Retry
Chapter 13
Chapter 12
Manga Houseki no Kuni
Houseki no Kuni
Chapter 105
Chapter 104
Manga Manshuu Ahen Squad
Manshuu Ahen Squad
Manchuria Opium Squad, 満州アヘンスクワッド
Chapter 153
Chapter 152
Manga Happy Marionette
Happy Marionette
Chapter 26
Chapter 25
Manga Yamikin Ushijima-kun
Yamikin Ushijima-kun
Chapter 492
Chapter 491
Manga Hakobune – Shinubeki na no wa Dare ka?
Hakobune – Shinubeki na no wa Dare ka?
Chapter 4.4
Chapter 4.3

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