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The sea beasts were stunned at first, then they let out a mocking roar again.

Purple? Purple Hair? !

Go! Play it to death!

The sea beasts were eager to charge forward, and then they retreated with swooshing sounds. F * ck, who could tell them why this purple spiritual piglet was getting bigger and bigger? 𝐟𝓇ℯ𝒆we𝒃𝘯𝒐νe𝑙.co𝚖

The spiritual piglet could get bigger after it was released? What kind of joke was this? !

The Purple Piglet was getting bigger and bigger, and it was obvious that this fellow liked water very much. It was dancing happily in the water!

A slightly bigger sea beast felt that although da Hua was big, it was not necessarily powerful. Thus, it shot a few water arrows at da Hua.

Da Hua raised its hooves, and the water arrows changed direction, shooting towards the sea beast. 𝒇𝔯e𝚎𝘄𝑒𝑏𝙣𝑜𝚟𝗲𝑙.c𝘰𝚖

The sea beast was so scared that it quickly dived down, and only then did it dodge the water arrow. Yes, it was the water arrow that it shot itself.

The other sea beasts saw the situation, and although they were a little afraid, they felt that it was nothing much.

Therefore, seven or eight sea beasts looked at each other, and then shot countless water arrows at da Hua at the same time.

Yun chujiu grinned. It was over! Da Hua was most likely going to die. It seemed like she had to prepare to release da Hua the second!

Unexpectedly, da Hua opened her mouth and swallowed all the water arrows. Then, there was nothing else..

Not only did the water arrows disappear, but da Hua’s body seemed to have become more solid. She was even more happy when she splashed the water!

The purple piglet thought to itself, even though the name Da Hua was a depressing name, it was still good to take a stroll occasionally. It was so comfortable in the water!

Sea Beast No. 1: “Oh my God, where is my baby’s water arrow?”

Sea Beast No. 2: “Oh my God, the Water Arrow was swallowed by it? Swallowed? Swallowed?”

Sea Beast No. 3: “Pervert!”


Hei Xinjiu felt that da Hua, who had appeared out of nowhere, was her cheat. It was too awesome! With da Hua in hand, I have the world!

This fellow hugged his shoulders, he said smugly, “Little Babies, can we talk about business now? “Actually, what you need to do is very simple. Find Your Companions, smash the Spirit Stone mine into pieces, and your mission will be completed! “This is simply too easy for you, isn’t it? ”!

“As long as you complete the mission, I will give you the corresponding pills. “Of course, whoever contributes the most will get the most pills.

“Don’t think that you can besiege me just because you have a lot of sea beasts. Besides da Hua, I also have the invincible son of a B * Tch!”

Yun Chujiu hid the little bastard in her sleeve and let him summon the big turtle shell.

Although the turtle shell was not a living sea beast, there was still the pressure of high-level sea beasts on it. These sea beasts were all below level 40. How could they withstand it? They immediately became terrified.

Although there were many of them, they all had their own plans in mind. No one was willing to provoke the big purple pig. Moreover, they only needed to hit a rock a few times to get the pills. Was this a good deal? Let’s do it!

Yun Chujiu estimated and felt that these sea beasts were a little too few. However, if they got too many at once, it would not be worth it if they rebelled.

Forget it, let’s try using them first. If it doesn’t work, we can just come out and recruit another batch. After all, there was no lack of sea beasts in the sea.

Therefore, this fellow was in front, followed by a group of Black Sea Beasts, swimming towards the big ship.

The five old men on the deck of the big ship stretched their necks and watched. They saw the waves rolling in the distance, accompanied by the roars of the sea beasts. Their hearts were in their throats.

They had wanted to jump into the sea to rescue her, but an Linchuan and Shangguan Hao said that they would wait and see. They could only watch anxiously from the deck.

Finally, they saw Yun chujiu emerge from the water with a large group of sea beasts behind her. They immediately said to an linchuan and shangguan hao, “Quick! Her Highness is being chased by those sea beasts. Let’s hurry up and rescue her!”

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The Yun Family's Ninth Child is an Imp!


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