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Combat Continent 2, Dd2, Douluo Dalu 2 - Jueshi Tangmen, Soul Land Ii, Uts, Đấu La đại Lục 2, 斗罗大陆2绝世唐门

Synopsis The Unrivaled Tang Sect here - start to read the latest chapter, UTS Prologue: The God Realm! Tang San's Family! of novel The Unrivaled Tang Sect now at 'The Unrivaled Tang Sect', one of the most popular novel of type Light Novel, written by 唐家三少, Tang Jia San Shao and covering in Fantasy, Mystery, Adventure, Xuanhuan, Martial Arts, Comedy, Action, School Life genres. They has 1736 translated chapters and the translation of other chapters are in progress. Lets enjoy Come and discover with, thousand of novel available here, such as Light Novel, Web novel, Korean novel... In case you want to quickly open and access The Unrivaled Tang Sect from multiple devices, lets create an account and add The Unrivaled Tang Sect to your bookmark.The Unrivaled Tang Sect is now completed. Discover others if you have been done on reading this.
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keywords: The legend of the continent, the battle that brought fame; the Sacred Phoenix Lady, the Windfire Meteor Godrealm saber-art; the pair that ascend and fuse, the golden sun and the blue moon, the fury of the crashing thunder. There is no magic, no battle qi, nor any martial arts in this land. However, there are martial spirits. Ten thousand years have passed since the founding of the Tang Sect on the Douluo continent, and it has declined. A new, proud generation of heaven's chosen has been born. Can the new generation of Shrek's Seven Devils rally the Tang Sect and once more compose the song of the Unrivaled Tang Sect?