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“Ahem…” Huo Chenhuan felt that it was necessary for him to defend himself. “Actually, it’s not private money. It’s just the basic capital of the company’s operations.”

“I see.” Su Yayan muttered and stared at him with a half-smile. “Alright, I’m joking with you. I don’t want your private money, nor do I envy Xiaoqi. I’m just happy for her.”

“A child from a single-parent family is already sadder than an ordinary child. Her mother’s family doesn’t even acknowledge her, so she’s been having a hard time all these years. She and her mother are both very strong-willed, so there’s a limit to how much I can help them. I’m very happy that someone is willing to stand up for her, to dote on her, and give her the best things.”

“Everything will be fine.” Huo Chenhuan lowered his head and kissed Su Yayan on the forehead.

“I hope so.”

Ning Siyuan did not disappoint Su Yayan. From the beginning, he and Ling Xiaoqi had been dating with the goal of getting married. Everyone in the family, including Ning Qirui, who was always running around, and his unending lothario, knew of Ling Xiaoqi’s existence.

The two families had long treated Ling Xiaoqi as part of their family. When they heard about the troubles in Ling Xiaoqi’s family and found out that Ning Siyuan wanted to avenge her, they did not have any objections. They even gathered together to brainstorm, they helped him figure out how to bring down her scumbag’s father’s company faster.

The Qin family could be considered a respectable family with some status in their world, but in front of the Ning and Qi families, this bit of dignity was not enough.

Ning Siyuan had only joined forces with a few partner companies to secretly suppress the Qin family’s company for a period of time, and the Qin family’s company’s capital chain was broken.

When the small shareholders in the company saw that the situation was not good, they began to sell their stocks wantonly. Some of the management-level employees, perhaps because they had heard the news, also resigned one after another.

In just a few days, a large company fell apart.

By the time Qin Fangde reacted, the company had already become an empty shell.

However, this was not the worst part.

Before Qin Fangde could think of a way to get through this terrible crisis, he was completely knocked down by another piece of bad news.

Having stayed at home all year round, he never thought that he would have a day where the wheel of fortune would turn.

He had been cheated on by his wife!

The person who cheated on Qin Fangde was also an executive in his company. At the same time, he was his wife’s first lover.

This person met Mrs. Qin at university and fell in love with her. However, due to his poor family background, he was forcefully separated by Mrs. Qin’s family. They even used some means to chase him away.

Not long after that, Mrs. Qin’s parents quickly decided on a suitable marriage for her. This person was Qin Fangde.

From this point of view, Qin Fangde was actually one of the accomplices who separated this pair of unfortunate lovebirds back then.

It was just that at that time, Mrs. Qin was still young. Even though she had a stubborn personality and made a series of outrageous actions to destroy this marriage, in the end, she was still unable to withstand the pressure from her family and the ravages of reality, she compromised and followed Qin Fangde.

When they first got married, it was the time when Qin Fangde was at his most promiscuous. It was not that Mrs. Qin had never quarreled with him, but later on, she had a son.

On the contrary, Mrs. Qin calmed down and focused on taking care of the child. She completely treated this child as her only spiritual support.

It was precisely because of this that when she met her first love after being separated from him for so many years, Mrs. Qin cared about her son and did not immediately accept her former first love when they met again. However, the other party was still deeply in love with her and took the initiative to pursue her.

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The Male Main’s Uncle Is Openly Obsessed With Me


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