The Male Main's Uncle Is Openly Obsessed With Me Volume 1060

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After soaking in the water, the pink and soft little guy lay on the snow-white soft bath towel, happily kicking his chubby little legs.

Su Yayan took out the baby cream and smeared it evenly on her hands. Then, she wickedly treated the chubby little face of Little Star as dough and wiped it down from top to bottom. Then, she gently patted his chubby little face, making his chubby little baby face tremble. He was so cute.

Su Yayan did not wipe his face with much force. The little guy probably knew that she was playing with him, so he did not cry. Instead, he smiled foolishly.

This was what Huo Chenhuan saw when he entered the door. His frown instantly eased and he walked over.

Su Yayan heard footsteps and turned to look. She saw Huo Chenhuan’s eyes lit up. “You’re back.”

“Yeah.” Huo Chenhuan saw that the two of them were having fun. He walked over to Su Yayan and pinched his son’s chubby face like he was pinching a toy.

Huo Chenhuan did not pinch his face too hard, but he could not stop him from pinching it back and forth.

Little Star was a little confused at first. After being pinched a few times, he finally realized what was going on. He pursed his lips and howled.

Seeing this, Su Yayan pushed Huo Chenhuan away and picked up the child. “Be good, Don’t cry. Daddy is playing with you.”

“Pfft… bad… bad…” the little guy had been making some simple sounds recently. As soon as his mother hugged him, he grabbed Su Yayan’s shirt pitifully and complained about his father.

“Yes, yes, yes. Daddy is bad. We don’t want to play with him anymore.” Su Yayan comforted her son who was crying and rolled her eyes at the childish person. “Why did you provoke him again? If he cries, I will be the one to coax him.”

Huo Chenhuan felt guilty and wronged by her glare. “I just wanted to tease him because I saw that you guys were having fun. Who knew that he couldn’t take it?”

Huo Chenhuan glanced at his son as he said this. He felt that this little b*stard was deliberately trying to trip him up. When he was playing with his mother, he was very cooperative. Whenever he was playing with him, he cried terribly. The difference in treatment should not be this obvious.

When Su Yayan heard him say this, she could not help but roll her eyes at him again. She thought to herself, ‘I’m playing with the child. You’re playing the child. How can it be the same?’

Fortunately, the child’s moods came and went quickly. It did not take long for him to forget about this little episode again. He had a great time playing with Dun Dun and Silly.

After Su Yayan comforted the little baby, she could not forget her big baby. She handed the little kid to the nanny and Roly Poly, then turned around and hugged Huo Chenhuan’s neck.

“You seem to be out a lot recently. Is there something going on?”

Huo Chenhuan held Su Yayan’s waist so that she could hang on to him better. “There is something, but it has been resolved.”

“That’s good.” Su Yayan could see that Huo Chenhuan did not want to talk about it, so she did not ask further and changed the topic.

“Has there been any news from uncle?”

Although Zheng Qianyang had moved out, he would come over to check on Little Star from time to time. However, due to Huo Qihan’s matter, he seemed to have been busy recently and had not come for a few days.

Huo Chenhuan’s eyes lit up when he mentioned this. “There are some clues. To avoid alerting the enemy, uncle might be busy recently, so I have to leave for a while.”

Su Yayan nodded in understanding. Zheng Qianyang had been looking for this group of people for so many years, and it wasn’t that they did not have any clues, but they could not catch them. It showed how cunning these people were. It was always good to be cautious.

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