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LAN lang gently knocked on the door of the chanting room and respectfully called out,””Master!”

After waiting for a while, the sound of the wooden fish inside stopped.

“Come in!” A slightly hoarse female voice came from inside.

Qin Chuan’s expression froze.


As far as he knew, the proportion of women was extremely low among all Buddhist cultivators.

In the past few days since he came to the Buddha realm, he had rarely seen female Buddhist cultivators, let alone ones that had cultivated to the Buddha King realm.

LAN lang pushed the door open, and a refreshing scent of sandalwood and candle incense wafted in.

Walking into the Sutra chanting room, the furnishings inside were even simpler.

There was a futon, a wooden table, and a candle stand.

A kind-looking female Buddhist cultivator was sitting on the futon.

On the table in front of her, there was a wooden fish and an incense burner.

This female Buddhist cultivator was dressed in a beige monk’s robe. Her long black hair was tied up high, and she had Buddha beads hanging around her neck and in her hands.

Her voice was a little hoarse just now, so he thought she was an old man.

However, when he came in, he saw a pretty middle-aged woman with delicate features.

“Master!” LAN lang bowed respectfully.

“This is my brother, Qin Xiaochuan. Are you a friend that Xiaochuan made on the way here?” LAN lang introduced.

Qin Chuan and Zhu Jiahong also came forward to pay their respects.

“I’m Qin Xiaochuan. Greetings, master!”

“Junior Zhu Jiahong pays his respects to Grandmaster!”

The female Buddhist cultivator sized up the two of them, and her gaze stopped on Qin Chuan for a long time.

Qin Chuan’s intuition told him that he was like an invisible person. He felt that there were no more secrets on him.

A little!

The female Buddhist cultivator retracted her gaze and said,”benefactors, please take a seat.”

“Thank you, master!”

LAN lang and the other two sat down one after another.

The female Buddhist cultivator waved her sleeve, and a cup of hot tea appeared out of thin air in front of the three of them.

“Xiaochuan, let me introduce you.

This person was called master Jing an, and he was the direct disciple of the previous generation’s Holy Land Buddha Lord.

He’s quite famous in the Holy Land. ” LAN lang said.

“Yes, yes!” Qin Chuan nodded and took note of the name.

LAN lang took a sip of tea and then said to master Jing an,”Master, Xiaochuan’s curse was removed by accident because of a fortuitous encounter on the road.”

“I can sense a faint Buddhist aura on benefactor Qin’s body. You must have received a Buddhist inheritance!” Grandmaster Jing an said calmly.

The inheritance of Buddhism?

LAN lang looked at Qin Chuan in surprise.

At that time, Qin Chuan had only told him that he had encountered an opportunity, but he had not specifically said what it was.

“Xiaochuan, you’ve obtained the Buddhist inheritance?” LAN lang asked.

“Mm! I originally wanted to tell big brother about it in detail when I had the time. ” Qin Chuan didn’t try to hide anything.

“This is your own fortune, you don’t need to explain to big brother.

Furthermore, big brother is very happy for you that you were able to obtain the Buddhist inheritance. ” LAN lang said with certainty.

After saying this, Qin Chuan pondered for a moment before standing up and bowing to Grandmaster Jing an. He then said,”Master, my friend has a heart demon because of his cultivation method. I wonder if you have any way to get rid of it.”

Master Jing an stared at Qin Chuan. He was about to refuse, but seeing that he had an affinity with Buddha, he made an exception and took a look.

“Try circulating your cultivation technique.” Master Jing an asked Zhu Jiahong.

Zhu Jiahong was startled, he hurriedly stood up and bowed,”M-master, I obtained this cultivation technique by chance.

At that time, it was indeed a little strange, but at that time, in order not to be looked down upon by the sect’s senior and junior brothers, he didn’t care too much and secretly cultivated.

Now that I’ve discovered that I can’t control my inner demons, I’ve come to the Buddha realm to seek help. ”

Master Jing an still had a very calm expression.

“Benefactor,” she said,”you don’t have to explain this to me. Let’s try to operate it first so that I can make a judgment.”

“Yes! It was me who lost my composure just now. ” Zhu Jiahong wiped the sweat off his face and sat down with his legs crossed.

“Daoist Zhu, don’t be nervous. I believe that you’re not the kind of person who has evil intentions,” Qin Chuan whispered.

“Thank you for your trust, Qin tianjiao.” Zhu Jiahong said excitedly.

“Then you should first adjust your state, and then show the master how to use the technique.” Qin Chuan replied.


Zhu Jiahong took a few deep breaths, trying to calm himself down.

Then, he activated his cultivation technique.

After one round of circulation, the inner demon that Qin Chuan had suppressed earlier was activated again.

In an instant, Zhu Jiahong’s body trembled violently, and his body changed again.

Seeing this, the usually calm master Jing an’s expression changed slightly.

“Big brother, he’s going to be possessed by the devil.” Qin Chuan replied.

“There’s a master here,”LAN lang replied. There’s no need to worry. ”

As soon as he finished speaking, Zhu Jiahong’s body was once again occupied by his inner demon, and he let out a beast-like roar.

Seeing that he was about to go berserk, master Jing an recited a passage of Scriptures, and golden Sanskrit characters instantly appeared in the room.

The Golden Sanskrit formed a string and tied Zhu Jiahong up like a chain.

The demonic Qi in Zhu Jiahong’s body quickly receded, and he soon regained his consciousness.

“I didn’t mess around just now, did I?” Zhu Jiahong said worriedly.

Qin Chuan gave him a reassuring smile.””Don’t think too much about it. With a master here, how big of a wave can you stir?”

“It seems to be the case.” Zhu Jiahong smiled awkwardly and scratched his head.

“What you need to worry about now is whether there’s a way to resolve the inner demons in your body.” Qin Chuan reminded.

Zhu Jiahong nodded and said expectantly,”I believe that Grandmaster will definitely have a way.”

At this moment, master Jing an closed his eyes and seemed to be in deep thought.

LAN lang, Qin Chuan, and Zhu Jiahong kept quiet and didn’t want to disturb master Jing an.

The room immediately fell silent.

Zhu Jiahong’s eyes were burning, and his heart was filled with anticipation.

To him, waiting was a long time. Even a second was very long.

After an unknown amount of time, master Jing an opened his eyes.

Zhu Jiahong instantly became nervous.

“Your heart’s devil has already fused with you. If the heart’s devil lives, you live. If the heart’s devil dies, you die,” said master Jing an.

Hearing this, Zhu Jiahong was like a deflated ball, all of his anticipation instantly disintegrated.

“It seems like I’m destined to become a devil cultivator!”

Zhu Jiahong said in a relaxed tone.

Qin Chuan knew that his heart was like dead ashes.

Zhou Su knew that demonic cultivators were not well-liked in the celestial realm. Basically, they would kill anyone they saw.

Zhu Jiahong had good intentions and did not want to become a devil cultivator, but this result had undoubtedly sentenced him to death.

At this time, master Jing an spoke again.”I haven’t finished my words.”

Zhu Jiahong’s eyes instantly brightened. His originally dejected heart was filled with hope again.

“The cultivation technique you’re cultivating, to be exact, is based on our Buddhist sect’s cultivation technique.

Buddhism often said that one thought turned into a Buddha and one thought turned into a devil.

In ancient times, a Buddha Emperor had created a technique called the one thought Buddhist demon Sutra. It could allow Buddhist cultivators to transform between Buddha and demon.

When he transformed into a devil, his combat power was monstrous and he controlled darkness. Every move he made could be said to be destructive.

“The cultivation technique you’re cultivating now is really borrowed from the one thought divine demon Scripture.

The person who created this technique is indeed very capable, but it was a reference after all, so it must have some flaws. ”

“Then … Is there a way?” Zhu Jiahong couldn’t help but say excitedly.

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Starting From Fooling the Elderly into Registering for a Cultivation Training Class


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