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Feng Yuncheng suddenly said, “Actually, before I entered the Holy Spirit Academy, the Grand State Master saw me once in private.”

“Oh really? When did this happen?” Yu Huang and the others didn’t know about this.

Back then, Beatrice had successfully obtained human legs with the Grand State Master’s help. She respected the Grand State Master very much. After knowing that the Grand State Master had once looked for Feng Yuncheng in private, Beatrice asked curiously, “Why did he look for you?”

Feng Yuncheng had a deep impression of that meeting.

After all, it was a supreme honor for someone of his status and cultivation level to be summoned by the Grand State Master in private. Feng Yuncheng told them, “After the Doomsday Battlefield competition ended, I saw that Yu Huang had woken up safely and that I had failed to make the rankings, so I planned to leave. However, before I left, the Grand State Master stopped me.”

Yu Huang immediately asked, “What did he tell you?”

Feng Yuncheng rubbed his nose shyly and said, “He asked me why I didn’t lie and replace my results with yours to enter the Holy Spirit Academy when I found out that you and I were the 500th and the 501th participants to be eliminated from the battle.”

Yu Huang also had a deep impression of this matter. Of course, she knew why Feng Yuncheng didn’t lie. It was because Feng Yuncheng treated her as a friend and wouldn’t betray her.

However, Yu Huang was very curious about Feng Yuncheng’s answer.

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“Then how did you answer him?”

Feng Yuncheng was even more embarrassed as he said, “I told the Grand State Master that I’m not an upright and selfless person. When I found out that you and I were the 500th eliminated participants, I did have the thought of replacing you on the rankings. But there are some things that I can’t do. Once I do that, I will become unscrupulous and greedy in the future. I don’t want to become such a person.”

Shrugging, Feng Yuncheng said, “That’s about it.”

Hearing Feng Yuncheng’s answer, Beatrice smiled in relief. Yu Huang smiled as well.

After understanding Feng Yuncheng’s hidden true ability, Yu Huang finally understood why the Grand State Master had made an exception to recruit Feng Yuncheng into the Holy Spirit Academy.

Feng Yuncheng, who had the killing instinct, was indeed an uncontrollable dangerous person. However, the more dangerous his ability was, the greater his potential.

The Grand State Master cherished talent to begin with. When he saw that Feng Yuncheng was still able to stay true to himself and protect his friend, he realized that this child was worthy of recognition and nurturing. Before Feng Yuncheng embarked on the wrong path, bringing him onto the right path was what an elder and wise person should do.

At the thought of this, Yu Huang suddenly missed her adoptive father.

She wondered how her adoptive father was recovering.

Xiao Shu suddenly asked Feng Yuncheng, “When did you discover that you had this ability?”

Feng Yuncheng didn’t dare to lie to them anymore. He said honestly, “Before I entered the Divine Realm Academy.”

“That early?”

Feng Yuncheng nodded.

After knowing that Feng Yuncheng had known about his hidden ability since five years ago, Xiao Shu admired Feng Yuncheng’s endurance. He said, “I remember that when you first entered the Divine Realm Academy, you were publicly acknowledged by the first-year students as someone who entered through the back door. At that time, you were the laughingstock of the new students. You were mocked by many, right? Despite facing the disdain and mockery of your classmates, you were able to hide your true ability. I really admire you.”

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Ordinary people who encountered Feng Yuncheng’s situation would have already revealed their true abilities because they couldn’t stand other people’s mockery.

However, in that case, although Feng Yuncheng could establish his prestige and change his status, he would also suffer the hostility and fear of the righteous Beast Tamers because he had exposed his true abilities. After all, a Beast Tamer who could silently create a killing illusion was considered a fiendish cultivator.

Upon hearing this, Yu Huang was enlightened and said, “In the past, I was puzzled. Since you wanted to enter the Divine Realm Academy to study, why didn’t you ask your parents to donate money to the school earlier when you were young? Why did you wait until you were 24 years old? If I remember correctly, you can be considered the oldest student in our batch.”

Feng Yuncheng scratched his head awkwardly and said with a flushed face, “The Divine Realm Academy is one of the three top academies on the Holy Spirit Continent. If I want to enter the Divine Realm Academy through the back door to study, I have to donate a large sum of money every year. No matter how much my parents dote on me, they can’t bear to waste money. If I hadn’t accidentally awakened the third beast form instinct, I wouldn’t have been so thick-skinned as to beg my parents to donate money to send me to study. You have to know that back then, in order to force them to agree, I threw a tantrum at home.”

Beatrice glanced at Feng Yuncheng in disdain and scolded angrily, “Useless!”

Sheng Xiao seemed to have thought of something interesting and suddenly laughed softly. Everyone turned to look at him. Yu Huang asked him, “What are you laughing at?”

Sheng Xiao looked at Feng Yuncheng and said, “Feng Tang had never taken the initiative to call me since he graduated, but I remember that summer five years ago, he suddenly called me and asked me to help him take care of you. He even said that you weren’t in a good state and was afraid that you would do something stupid. So, he was probably frightened by your tantrum at that time.”

Sheng Xiao laughed even more mirthfully.

Feng Yuncheng couldn’t help but blush when he heard Sheng Xiao’s low and pleasant laughter. He lowered his head and explained softly, “I had no choice. I heard that there are many hidden talents in the Divine Realm Academy, so I wanted to try my luck in the academy and see if I could meet an experienced teacher. I hoped that someone would be able to guide me on the right path.”

At this point, Feng Yuncheng couldn’t help but sigh with emotion. “I really didn’t expect that I would be able to obtain the Grand State Master’s guidance. To be honest, when I came to participate in the cleaner recruitment, I really didn’t expect that I would be able to stay. I’m really grateful to the Grand State Master for giving me this opportunity.”

To Feng Yuncheng, the Grand State Master was his benefactor.

Hearing Feng Yuncheng praise the Grand State Master, as the Grand State Master’s fan, Beatrice couldn’t help but say, “The Grand State Master is indeed an admirable person.” If the Grand State Master hadn’t helped, she wouldn’t have human legs.

After confessing the biggest secret in his heart, Feng Yuncheng felt more relaxed. However, when he thought about how Yu Huang and the others might not be able to accept such a terrifying side to him, he felt uneasy.

Feng Yuncheng subconsciously pinched the hem of his shirt as he looked at his good friends in front of him. He thought about it for a few seconds before asking uneasily, “After knowing my true ability, are you guys still willing to work together with me?”

Whether they were willing to work together with him or not actually signified whether they were willing to continue trusting him.

They instantly became silent when they heard this.

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