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Ever since ancient times, the Venomous Insect Clan had sacrificed their bodies to nurture the insects. After generations of living and breathing, the bloodline of the Venomous Insect had already flowed through their bodies.

This bloodline was called the bloodline of the Gu.

Therefore, from the moment their descendants were born, they possessed an aura that was close to the Venomous Insect, and the ability to communicate with it.

At the same time, their bloodlines also produced all kinds of rare physiques because of this mutation.

These physiques were all closely related to the Venomous Insect.

Among them, the rarest were Heavenly Venomous Insect physiques.

This kind of heavenly quality was usually an early death physique.

This was because the Heavenly Venomous Insect Bodys' bloodline density was too high, and after reaching a certain age, they would transform into the king of vicious Venomous Insects.

It only had the desire to kill. Even the Venomous Insects of the same race would become its food.

Therefore, this kind of vicious Venomous Insect absolutely couldn't be allowed to appear in the world. Once it did, not even a Divine Profound Realm warrior would be able to suppress it. Once it became stronger, even a Half Immortal warrior would have no choice but to run away.

The Heavenly Venomous Insect Body's people had an innate advantage, which was that their cultivation speed was much faster than ordinary people. No matter if it was in an environment filled with spiritual energy or not, her/his strength would increase along with her/his age.

Unfortunately, this kind of celestial body only had 20 years of life. It was truly a pity.

Later on, the Venomous Insect Clan's ancestors finally created a divine technique that could restrain the evolution of bloodlines. At the same time, they could also increase their strength like before, achieving supreme power.

Hence, the Heavenly Venomous Insect Body could be ranked first among all the Gu bodies.

Apart from the Heavenly Venomous Insect Body, there was also the Golden Gu Body, the Wood Gu Body, the Water Gu Body, the Fire Gu Body, the Earth Gu Body, the Dark Gu Body, the Light Gu Body, the Thunder Gu Body, and the Wind Gu Body.

These nine physiques were similar to the nine pure attributes of normal martial artists.

A person with this kind of physique was born to be an emperor. This kind of physique's bloodline was the most noble. Just like the Golden Silkworm Venomous Insect, it could command tens of thousands of Gu.

If the person with the Golden Gu body was the Emperor, then the Gu body with the other physiques was the Royal Highness. They would never be able to stand above the Emperor.

Now, Feng Yun's son, Tang Xianling, had the Golden Gu Body.

This kid was destined to become the new king of Venomous Insect Clan in the future and lead the Venomous Insect Clan to glory.

After listening to the High Priest's explanation, Feng Yun finally understood that his son's physique was extraordinary.

In his heart, he secretly thought to himself, "Worthy of being my son. If his physique is too weak, it would be bad for my excellent genes.'

Actually, the requirements to be able to produce this type of constitution were extremely harsh.

However, Feng Yun has strong bloodlines of the Ancient Yang Fire Demon clan and Dragon Clan. There was no doubt about the dragon bloodline which was the bloodline of a divine beast, even in the immortal world, they stood on the top. Furthermore, Tang Yue has a Heavenly Venomous Insect Body and had a high concentration of Gu bloodline in her body. It was not surprising that the two of them could combine their powers to create a golden Gu body.

"Yun, you have made a great contribution this time. Tell me, what reward do you want? I will try my best to satisfy your requirements." The High Priest smiled and asked.

Feng Yun smiled. He held Tang Yue's hand and said seriously, "I don't want any reward. I just want to quietly accompany Yue Er for now."

Tang Yue held Feng Yun's hand tightly and felt very satisfied in her heart.

She had become much calmer in the face of death now.

She had a husband and child in her life. Being able to live with them for more than a year was already very extravagant for her.

"Good, it's rare for you to still think about Yue. It's not in vain for her to plead for you back then." The High Priest happily agreed. Then, he said, "Since you don't have any requests, but remember to tell Grandfather if there's anything in the future. Grandfather will definitely not frown if he can help you."

"Thank you, grandpa," Feng Yun said.

"Then grandpa will go back first. From now on, I will arrange more people to protect Ling'er. When he grows older, I will personally teach him and make him the king of our Venomous Insect Clan," the high priest stood up and said.

The two of them knew that the old man doted on their great-grandson, so they naturally didn't say anything else.

However, just as the high priest was about to leave, Feng Yun suddenly remembered something that he hadn't said. So he called the high priest back and said, "Grandpa, I have something to tell you."

The high priest stopped. Tang Yue also looked at Feng Yun curiously.

Feng Yun said, "I am having people rebuild Venomous Insect City now."

"What? You... you asked people to rebuild Venomous Insect City?" The high priest asked in shock.

Feng Yun nodded and said affirmatively. "That's right. The resentful souls there have already been dispelled. I've asked someone to rebuild them. I believe that grandfather and the clansmen will definitely want to return. That's why they made the decision on their own. I hope grandfather won't take offense."

"No, why would I blame you? You did very well. We have moved the clan for nearly ten thousand years. The clan members always wanted to return, but the resentful souls there were too heavy. Even with the strength of the entire clan, it is impossible to disperse the resentful souls. Therefore, we have never moved back to Ancestral Land. Now that you've done it, I... I really don't know how to thank you. " The High Priest said with tears streaming down his face. The more he spoke, the more excited he became. He even wanted to kneel down in front of Feng Yun.

"Grandpa, you can't do this!" Feng Yun and Tang Yue shouted at the same time. Feng Yun held the High Priest up and stopped him from kneeling down. He then said, "Grandpa, aren't you trying to kill me by doing this? Don't tell me you haven't admitted that I am your grandson-in-law?"

"Yes, grandpa. He is a member of our family. He is doing things for our family. Aren't you trying to make him lose his life?" Tang Yue said.

"Alright, alright, Yun. You are the lucky star of our Venomous Insect Clan. Yue Er is not married to the wrong man." said the old man, with tears in his eyes.

Ever since the Venomous Insect Clan was almost wiped out ten thousand years ago, Until now, everyone from the Venomous Insect Clan wanted to return to the Ancestral Land and rebuild their homeland. They wanted to revitalize their family's prestige once more.

Unfortunately, the resentful soul filled the sky and had already become a forbidden place for humans. Even if it was their Ancestral Land, they wouldn't be able to return.

Now that Feng Yun had said that he was going to rebuild Venomous Insect City, the High Priest naturally liked it from the bottom of his heart.

He secretly thought to himself, "This kid has really given me too many surprises."

"By the way, tell me how you got rid of those resentful souls and how you obtained the Heavenly Gu Cauldron." The high priest remembered that he hadn't asked about Feng Yun's journey to the Venomous Insect City before, but now he asked this question.

He really wanted to know how this grandson-in-law of his had done something that he couldn't do. He had even taken in such a terrifying follower, and in just over a year's time, he had jumped several stages. This speed was too monstrous.

Therefore, Feng Yun briefly recounted what had happened in Venomous Insect City.

Although Feng Yun was relaxed, the High Priest and Tang Yue could imagine that what had happened was not so simple. There must be a danger that they could not imagine.

That was a dangerous place where even Peak Sovereign Realm cultivator died. How could Feng Yun relax in such a situation?

"Tell me, this... this Heaven Gu Divine Cauldron was given to you by an old ancestor who has lived for ten thousand years?" The high priest asked in surprise.

"That's right. That Golden Silkworm Venomous Insect King was raised by her. If I didn't get help from my master at the last moment, I'm afraid I would have been killed by her. After I showed her the gu clan token that you have given me, she bestowed the cauldron to me." Feng Yun still had lingering fear as he replied.

"Alas, I truly feel ashamed of my ancestors. I think about how awe-inspiring my Venomous Insect Clan was in the past, and I actually fell to the end of living in a remote corner!" The High Priest sighed with guilt.

"Grandfather, this is not your fault. Ling'er has the Golden Gu Body, and he will definitely bring the Venomous Insect Clan back to its former glory in the future." Tang Yue comforted him.

"That's right. Grandpa, you don't have to blame yourself. You should consider how you should discuss with your clansmen about moving the Venomous Insect Clan back. This is the top priority." Feng Yun said.

"You're right. We've been here for nearly ten thousand years. It won't be long before we leave. We have to plan carefully." The High Priest said. Then, he said, "I'll go back and discuss with the others. The two of you can spend a few days together."

The High Priest left after saying this.

Tang Yue looked at Feng Yun's handsome face and said sincerely, "Thank you."

Feng Yun pulled Tang Yue into his arms and said, "Silly. Why are you thanking me? I am your man. I should do anything for you."

"Hmm." Tang Yue nodded and buried her head in Feng Yun's chest. She felt unprecedentedly happy and satisfied.

Feng Yun lowered his head and looked at his wife, who was shy of the moon and shy of the flowers. He could not help but kiss her lips.

Tang Yue responded warmly. The two of them kept searching and breathing. After a while, they rolled onto the soft couch.

Naturally, the two of them had a lot of fun.


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