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Feng Yun had no right to speak about this. When Priestess asked for a new life before her death, it was to give the high priest a spiritual sustenance. It could also be considered as a little filial piety for her granddaughter.

No matter what his son's surname was, he was his own son. He was the first son. Of course, he liked it very much.

After a long while, the Immoveable and Merciless Golden Silkworm Venomous Insect appeared. He looked in one direction.

In that direction, a ball of golden light bloomed in the sky. The light was extremely divine and gorgeous. A baby's cry pierced through the sky.

The golden light transformed into a huge Venomous Insect in the sky.

This Venomous Insect was exactly the same as the Golden Silkworm Venomous Insect. It appeared especially majestic.

The people of Venomous Insect Clan looked at the golden light. Everyone's eyes became filled with astonishment and fanaticism once again.

"Gu King Phenomenon!" The High Priest and the upper echelons of Venomous Insect Clan couldn't help but exclaim when they saw the golden light.

"It really is heaven's blessing to our race... it really is heaven's blessing to our race..." The High Priest bowed towards the golden light in pleasant surprise and worship.

Everyone from the Venomous Insect Clan also called out in unison, "God bless our race." Their expressions became more and more fanatic.

The baby's cries seemed to be like a demonic sound, and actually became louder and louder as it cried.

The baby was quite a distance away from here, but everyone could hear it clearly.

The Golden Silkworm Venomous Insect seemed to have heard something. After letting out a long cry, it flew towards the golden phantom.

"Haha, grandpa! That... that's Ling'er!" Priestess looked at the spot where the golden light was shining and covered her mouth as she exclaimed.

"Oh no, that big guy won't eat my son, will he?" Feng Yun was shocked and then flew towards the direction of the courtyard.

The high priest blocked Feng Yun's way first.

"Grandpa, what are you doing? Go and stop the Golden Silkworm Venomous Insect King!" Feng Yun did not understand why the High Priest stopped him. It really made him anxious. Without thinking, he shouted at the High Priest.

"Don't worry. Ling'er is showing abnormal signs now. He is the future king of Venomous Insect Clan. The Golden Silkworm Venomous Insect won't hurt him. It might even... recognize the Golden Silkworm Venomous Insect as its master." The High Priest explained with a joyful expression.

This... He is still a child. He doesn't know anything. How can he let the Golden Silkworm Venomous Insect recognize him as its master? "Feng Yun said anxiously.

"Don't be anxious." Priestess tried to persuade him from the side. Then, she asked the high priest, "Grandpa, don't be anxious. Xianling, he... Is he a Golden Gu?

The High Priest pinched his beard and smiled. "That's right. Judging from the abnormal signs, he is the Golden Gu Body. In the future, our Venomous Insect Clan will be able to return to its peak.

"What is the Golden Gu Body?" Feng Yun asked.

"I will explain it to you later. We will go and take a look first, but we must not disturb the Golden Silkworm Venomous Insect," the high priest changed the topic.

Then, he carefully flew over first. Feng Yun, Priestess, and the higher ups of the Venomous Insect Clan followed him.

And those Venomous Insects actually all chased over as well.

Only those people of the Venomous Insect Clan remained where they were and worshiped the courtyard.

The huge body of the Golden Venomous Insect Clan shrunk by dozens of times in an instant, and burrowed into the house in an instant.

When it entered the house, the baby's cries stopped.

Not long after, the image of the Golden Gu above the house began to shrink gradually.

After the local phantom finished shrinking, the sound of the baby's surprised laughter came from inside the room.

"Haha..." That voice laughed very elegantly. It laughed very clearly and happily.

Was this laughter that a baby that was only few months old could laugh out? Was it really inconceivable?

Feng Yun could not care about that anymore. He rushed into the house.

The high priest and Priestess also went in.

When they entered the house, they were all dumbfounded.

The baby sleeping on the bed used his pink little hands to hold the shrunken Golden Silkworm Venomous Insect and smiled. The Golden Silkworm Venomous Insect stuck out its tongue and tongue to lick the baby's face. It looked like it really liked it.

"Haha, good, good... you are indeed worthy of being my great-grandson. Golden Gu Body, only this kind of physique can make the Golden Silkworm Venomous Insect so close..." The High Priest laughed heartily.

Priestess by the side had a face full of joy, while Feng Yun had an inexplicable expression.

After that, the Golden Silkworm Venomous Insect shrank again, and then opened its small mouth to bite the baby's finger.

"You dare to bite my son? You're courting death!" Feng Yun raised his brows and was about to slap the Golden Silkworm Venomous Insect.

The high priest stopped him again and said, "Stop! The Golden Silkworm Venomous Insect has recognized its master. It will acknowledge Ling'er as its master in the future."

"That's right. Yun. In the future, Ling'er will have the Golden Silkworm Venomous Insect King to protect him. No one can harm him." Priestess explained from the side.

Feng Yun was stunned for a moment and said, "That's fine too."

Sure enough, after the Golden Silkworm Venomous Insect broke the baby's fingers, the baby did not cry out in pain. His lively eyes seemed to flash with anticipation.

The Golden Silkworm Venomous Insect only absorbed a little bit of blood essence and did not continue. Then, it crawled towards the baby's mouth, and in the end, it directly entered the baby's mouth.

Feng Yun felt nauseous and numb when he saw it. He was worried and thought, That guy wouldn't drill into my son's stomach and swallow all of his internal organs, right?

On the other hand, the high priest and Priestess were not anxious at all. Instead, they revealed extremely happy expressions.

After the Golden Silkworm Venomous Insect entered the baby's stomach, the baby fell asleep. An auspicious expression still hung on his face. A layer of faint halo continuously emitted a layer of mist around him. It looked as if a golden child had descended into the world.

"Alright, let's go out. The Golden Silkworm Venomous Insect won't hurt Ling'er." The High Priest looked at the baby with satisfaction, then said and walked out with the two of them.

"High priest!" The upper echelons of the Venomous Insect Clan who were waiting outside called out in unison. Their faces were filled with anticipation.

The High Priest smiled and said. "The Golden Silkworm Venomous Insect has already recognized its master. Its master is my great-grandson, Tang Xianling. He will be the king of the Gu clan in the future.

"Greetings, Family King. Greetings, Family King..." The higher ups of the Venomous Insect Clan all bowed towards the direction of the house.

After that, all the townspeople in Venomous Insect Sacrifice City shouted at the same time, "Greetings, Family Patriarch. Mu Jian greeted the Family Patriarch."

All of them revealed joyful, fanatical expressions as if they had seen a god, causing them to worship and worship him blindly.

The high priest let them go. He brought Feng Yun and Priestess to a room to talk.

"Yun, you have made a great contribution this time." The high priest looked at Feng Yun and said with satisfaction.

To be honest, he didn't have a good impression of Feng Yun back then.

How lucky was this kid to become the son-in-law of Venomous Insect Clan? He was actually not satisfied. He dared to use Pill to kill his Love Gu in his body and get rid of the control of the Love Gu. He didn't obediently become the son-in-law of Venomous Insect Clan.

If it wasn't for his granddaughter begging for mercy for Feng Yun, He had killed Feng Yun with a single palm strike.

The Venomous Insect Clan didn't need such an unrestrained son-in-law.

Now, even though Feng Yun hadn't found the Heavenly Venomous Insect Divine Arts, he had found the Heavenly Gu Divine Cauldron and brought the Golden Silkworm Venomous Insect back. He had even allowed his great-grandson to merge with the Golden Silkworm Venomous Insect and become the first king of the Venomous Insect Clan in the past tens of thousands of years. This was truly something worthy of celebration.

Of course, the high priest wouldn't be dissatisfied with Feng Yun anymore. He was even more satisfied from the bottom of his heart. He secretly said, "It seems like what Xuan Jizi said is correct. This kid is really our family's lucky star."

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