Reincarnation: I Have Always Been Rich Volume 825

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Allen broke out in a cold sweat after seeing him. He looked at Yuwen Jing with a dry smile and said, “Well, Master, I’m only in charge of delivering the message. I don’t know anything else. Really, I don’t know anything else.” Allen felt like he was about to cry, he didn’t seem to have done anything bad. “Well, Master, I still have something to do. I’ll go and do my work first. You should also continue to do your work. I won’t disturb you anymore.”

As Allen spoke, he did not wait for Yuwen Jing to speak. He hurriedly turned around and left Yuwen Jing’s study.

Allen walked out of Yuwen Jing’s study and heaved a heavy sigh of relief. He wiped off the cold sweat that had appeared on his forehead.

When Baro saw Allen come out, he came over without batting an eyelid and asked, “How is it? What did Master say?”

Allen rolled his eyes at Baro, “What do you think?” He asked. “Baro, don’t look for me in the future. Even if you do, I won’t fall for your tricks. Master is always cold when we mention Wendy. You didn’t see the way Master looked at me when I mentioned Wendy’s name.”?Allen could not help but shiver. “In the future, I don’t dare touch Wendy’s matters anymore. If you want to help her because of your previous friendship with her, don’t drag me along.”

After saying that, Allen shook his head and left.

The time he spent with Wendy was not as long as the time Baro and Wendy had spent together. The little bit of friendship that originally existed between them had long disappeared along with Wendy’s unrealistic thoughts and practices.

Now that he saw his master’s icy face every day, Allen secretly cursed Wendy in his heart.

However, after taking a few steps, Allen turned around. He asked Baro, “Hey, Baro, don’t you think we should help Master? Let Master and Mistress get back together. If Mistress keeps ignoring Master, our days in the future will be miserable.”

Baro rolled his eyes at Allen. “If you want to go, go. Even if we go, Master won’t be able to coax Mistress well. How can we coax her?”

Allen’s determination was not dispelled by Baro’s words. Instead, he was thinking about this matter. He deeply understood that only if Mistress forgave his master would they have a better life in the future.

Well, if Baro didn’t go, he would.

“Little Miss, there’s a foreigner called Allen outside who wants to see you.” The guards of the Green Gang had just arrived today. They were not familiar with Yuwen Jing, who had not come here at all during this period of time. They did not even know Allen and Baro at all. Well, since Allen said that he wanted to see Chen Meng’er, they had to come and inform Chen Meng’er.

When Chen Meng’er heard that Allen was looking for her, she raised her eyebrows. She did not know what Yuwen Jing was trying to do. When he called, her grandfather, Elder Liu, also intercepted his call. When he came to visit, he could not even go past the Green Gang’s main gate, was he planning to take a roundabout route to see her? However, Chen Meng’er had to admit that Yuwen Jing’s methods were really effective.

She was curious. Why did Yuwen Jing send Allen over? Therefore, Chen Meng’er, who had always avoided Yuwen Jing, finally relented. “Let him in.”

It was also Allen’s good luck today. Elder Liu and Elder Qu were not in the Green Gang. The weather was good today, so the two of them went out to fish with a few elders in the courtyard. They wanted to catch fish for their granddaughter.

They felt that Chen Meng’er was too thin.

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