Reincarnation: I Have Always Been Rich Volume 823

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Every time Elder Qu quarreled with Elder Liu, only Chen Meng’er spoke up to persuade him to stop. If it were anyone else, the two elders would surely chew that person out. Zhuge Yu and the others had tried and tried, up until now, every time these two elders quarreled, Zhuge Yu and the others would either find Chen Meng’er to put out the fire, or they would simply not speak up.

They let these two old men quarrel. In any case, they understood that the more these two old men quarreled, the better their relationship would be. In any case, even if these two people were really quarreling over a certain issue, after a while, the two of them started chatting and laughing again.

How could they tell that the two of them were sworn enemies just now? When Elder Qu and Elder Liu heard that Chen Meng’er had something important to tell them, the two of them did not have the mood to continue arguing about those things that were not important. The two of them turned their heads to look at Chen Meng’er at the same time and said in unison, “What is it?” After the two of them finished speaking, they glared at each other.

Chen Meng’er looked at the two old men and wanted to laugh. However, when she thought of the serious matter, she held back her words. “There are no outsiders here, so I’ll just say it here.” Chen Meng’er completely trusted Zhuge Yu and the others.

“Go ahead.” Elder Qu and Elder Liu looked around and said in unison once again. After saying that, the two of them said to each other in unison, “Why do you always imitate me?”

This time, Chen Meng’er could not help but laugh when she saw the teasing expressions of the two old men. After laughing, Chen Meng’er put away the smile on her face and put on a serious look. “What I want to say has little to do with our Green Gang, but it has something to do with the country.”

Elder Qu and Elder Liu were patriots. When they heard that Chen Meng’er’s words were related to national affairs, their expressions became even more serious.

“My father and his two special forces were captured by the drug lord, Liu Yi and the arms dealer, Zhang Da. It wasn’t because the other party was too powerful, my father and his group of special forces didn’t have the strength to resist at all. It was because there were two spies among their special forces,” Chen Meng’er said. She paid attention to the expressions of the two old men.

When she saw Elder Qu’s ugly but completely shocked expression, Chen Meng’er knew that her father, Qu Yaobing, didn’t tell Elder Qu about this.

“Why didn’t he mention anything to me?” Elder Qu frowned and asked.

“You still don’t know? Yaobing was afraid that you would be worried. Moreover, it would be useless even if I told you.” Elder Liu glanced at Elder Qu unreservedly.

“How do you know that it would be useless to tell me? I am an old revolutionary after all. I have carried a gun, gone to the battlefield, and fought the enemy, alright?” Elder Qu and Elder Liu bickered, and this topic immediately changed.

Chen Meng’er looked at the two old men who looked like annoying children. She was a little suspicious. Was it true that she had come to tell them all this?

“Grandpas, if you want to express your opinions, can you wait until I’ve finished speaking before you say anything?” Chen Meng’er gave them an exasperated expression.

Elder Qu and Elder Liu immediately simmered down.

“However, as far as I know, the mole that was caught this time was only someone who had just been bribed. The mastermind behind this is still in the shadows. Of course, it’s not difficult for me to find out who this person is. However, I don’t want to get involved in this matter. Many people don’t like our Green Gang and are waiting to deal with our Green Gang. I think, if I get involved again this time, I don’t know what kind of tricks they will come up with later. However, I also told the higher-ups that if they can’t catch the mastermind behind this, then I don’t mind doing it myself. The purpose of the mastermind has nothing to do with me. However, his actions have violated my bottom line.” In fact, Chen Meng’er was telling Elder Qu her position. As for Elder Liu, although he was patriotic, he was not some old revolutionary, so he would not have such a deep obsession with the country.

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