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“Yunjie, I remember that a few companies under my name seem to be working with the Kennedy family.” Chen Meng’er had always adhered to the principle of never suspecting others when using them. She had full trust in the people around her. She usually left them to their own devices.

Fortunately, Chen Meng’er’s memory was good, so she had some recollection of her own business.

“Yes, Little Miss, your memory is accurate. However, I’m not in charge of these things, Su Jin is.” Zhou Yunjie, Su Jin, and Zhou Yunbo were all Chen Meng’er’s personal guards. The three of them also had a clear division of labor on a daily basis. However, because Su Jin and Zhou Yunbo knew about Zhou Yunjie’s feelings towards Chen Meng’er, the two of them deliberately gave the opportunity to stay by Chen Meng’er’s side to Zhou Yunjie. “Little Miss, do you want me to call Su Jin over?”

“Okay, I have something to tell her.” Chen Meng’er looked at the paper spread on the desk, the pen in her hand rhythmically tapping on the table.

Zhou Yunjie went to call for Su Jin, but Zhou Yunbo also came along. He was rushing to join in the fun. To be more specific, his hands were itching. He heard his brother say that their little miss was about to make a move. He was here to help. As soon as he entered the door, he jumped to Chen Meng’er’s side before Su Jin could say anything. With a cheeky smile, he said to Chen Meng’er, “Little Miss, are you going to show off your skills this time? I’ve said before, what’s the point of keeping a low profile? The Green Gang has to keep a high profile. We have to let everyone in the world know how powerful the Green Gang is. When that time comes, let’s see if they still dare offend us.”

“Yunbo, shut up.” Zhou Yunjie was having a headache over his younger brother’s running mouth.

He didn’t even have the time to stop him before his words came out.

After being scolded by his older brother, Zhou Yunbo knew that he had said too much. He quickly shut up,

“Little Miss, don’t mind it. You know Yunbo,” Zhou Yunjie said to Chen Meng’er.

Chen Meng’er waved her hand at Zhou Yunjie. “Yunjie, we are all family. YHe can say what he likes. There’s nothing wrong with that. If you guys have to think twice before saying anything in front of me, then we’ll really be estranged. Besides, Yunbo didn’t say anything wrong this time. I just wanted to keep a low profile, and then I was bullied,” said Chen Meng’er. She raised her head and looked at Su Jin. “Su Jin, is there anyone under my name who has a business relationship with the Kennedy family?”

“Yes, Little Miss, Here’s my list. Take a look.” Su Jin passed the paper in her hand to Chen Meng’er. “I organized this last night. I didn’t know about it before, but this arrangement gave me a big fright. We have a lot of collaborations with the Kennedy family, even more than the Buyano family.” As she spoke, Su Jin paused for a moment and handed another folder to Chen Meng’er. “I also found out from the information my subordinate gave me yesterday that you’re the second largest shareholder of the Kennedy family’s business.”

Su Jin couldn’t help but mourn for the Kennedy family. Who did they offend? How could they offend their own shareholder, a shareholder who was a mysterious rich man in their eyes.

“Little Miss, what do you think we should do about this?” Su Jin looked at Chen Meng’er and looked at the list that she had organized. “If we want to deal with the Kennedy family, it will definitely affect us a little. Of course, we will be able to deal with this.”

Chen Meng’er didn’t answer Su Jin right away. As the pen in her hand knocked on the table and made a sound, Chen Meng’er’s brain was also working rapidly. She was thinking of how to deal with the Kennedy family while reaping the maximum benefits.

Chen Meng’er put down the pen in her hand, raised her head and revealed a mischievous smile to Su Jin and the others. “There will definitely be an impact, but who says that it will definitely be bad news?”

“Little Miss, do you have any good ideas?” Zhou Yunbo’s eyes lit up as he looked at Chen Meng’er and asked excitedly.

“You’ll know the secret when the time comes.” At the crucial moment, Chen Meng’er kept Zhou Yunbo and the rest in suspense.

“Little Miss.” Zhou Yunbo’s curiosity was piqued by Chen Meng’er. However, Chen Meng’er suddenly did not say anything.

However, Chen Meng’er was not prepared to dispel Zhou Yunbo’s curiosity. “Ahem, I’ll make some arrangements now. Su Jin, since you’re in charge of all the businesses here, then you’ll handle this matter. Cancel everything and cooperate with the Kennedy family.”

“Alright.” Su Jin replied. She wasn’t surprised by Chen Meng’er’s order at all. When she knew that they were going against the Kennedy family, she knew that such a day would come.

“What about our losses? This isn’t a small amount.” Zhou Yunbo frowned and asked. If he remembered correctly, if something happened to the Kennedy family, it would affect them greatly. They had invested as much money into many projects as the Kennedy family.

“Yunbo, do you think your little miss is short of money?” Chen Meng’er didn’t answer Zhou Yunbo directly. Instead, she fired a question at him.

“What a joke. Anyone can be short of money, but you, Little Miss, aren’t short of money.” Others might not know about his little miss’s wealth, but the three of them, who were by her side constantly, knew very well.

They had also made a lot of money working for her.

“That’s right. Since you don’t lack money, then what’s there to be afraid of? If it’s a loss, I’ll win it back later.”

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