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Mu Siyin wanted to shake her head, but after thinking for a while, she nodded slightly. “Okay.”

She needed to familiarize herself with the environment first. She needed to figure out where she was right now.

The woman nodded again and said, “Miss, please wait a moment. I’ll go to the kitchen right away.”

After saying that, she walked away.

Mu Siyin frowned as she stood on the spot and looked around. Outside the open window, there was an endless sea.

So, she really wasn’t at the beach.

She was on an island.

If that was the case, there was no way she could escape.

“What? Do you want to see if there’s a chance of escaping?”

Suddenly, Jing Yang’s strange voice came from behind her.

Her heart skipped a beat. She clasped her hands and turned around, looking at him. “Of course, I have to familiarize myself with the environment.”

Jing Yang sneered. “This island is very far from China… very far… believe me, Shi Beiyu definitely wouldn’t be able to find this place, and you definitely wouldn’t be able to escape either, unless… you want to feed the Sharks.”

MU siyin snorted, “Since I’ve been captured by you, why don’t you tell me what you want to Do? I can’t escape anyway, so why don’t you satisfy my curiosity? Vent your anger?”

As soon as Mu Siyin said this, Jing Yang walked past her and sat down on the sofa in the living room, sneering, “You don’t have to care about this, just take care of it and wait for nameless to Pamper you.”

When Mu Siyin heard this, she couldn’t contain her anger!

She turned around and went upstairs.

It seemed like she couldn’t get anything out of him.

Since they wanted to exchange her with Shi Beiyu, didn’t that mean that Shi Beiyu would know that they had her soon?

However, Mu Siyin didn’t expect that she had waited for half a month.

Meanwhile, Shi Beiyu was finally on the verge of going berserk. Even if he used Leng Jiuchen’s power, he could only find a remote courtyard that Jing Yang had brought Mu Siyin to. However, it was already empty.

Hence, in half a month’s time, he still couldn’t find Mu Siyin, and Jing Yang didn’t take the initiative to call either.

“Ah Yu, they want you to be anxious now. The more they do so, the more you can’t panic.”

Leng Jiuchen looked at Shi Beiyu’s irritable face and couldn’t help but speak.

Shi Beiyu naturally knew, but he was worried about Mu Siyin, very worried!

As long as he couldn’t find Mu Siyin, he wouldn’t be able to calm down for a day.

“I know.”

Jing Yang! ! If he were to fall into his hands, he would definitely make him beg for his life!

“Now that we know that they’ve brought people to Xia country, I’ve already informed the people there. I believe that we’ll be able to find their resting place soon.”

Shi Beiyu nodded lightly.

At this moment, Yan Ze suddenly knocked on the door and rushed in

“Young Master!”

Seeing how flustered Yan Ze was, Shi Beiyu immediately stood up from his chair. “Is There News!”

Yan Ze looked at Shi Beiyu with a conflicted expression

“Just now, someone sent us a message. Please take a look.”

Yan Ze handed the tablet in his hand to Shi Beiyu.

Shi Beiyu frowned and took it

It was a satellite location map. It was very detailed. It showed the location of an island in the open sea of China. There was also a message saying that Mu Siyin was there.

Tell them to go and rescue her as soon as possible and be careful.

In an instant, Shi Beiyu’s eyes stopped.

Yan ze said suspiciously, “I asked who they were, but they didn’t reply. Also, I don’t know if this news is true or false. What if they set us up to go?”

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