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Chapter 1651: Chapter 1651: Silent Invitation

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This man looked to be in his thirties. He was a mixed-blood with Asian ancestry.

“Miss Ruo, your alien language is amazing!”This man actually took the initiative to start a conversation with Wen Jing.

He even smiled politely at Gu Yan. 𝑓𝑟eℯ𝒘𝗲𝑏n𝑜𝚟𝙚𝒍.𝒄o𝐦

Before Gu Yan came here, she put on a simple disguise. She wore a long wig with brown, slightly curly hair.

She also wore light makeup, glasses, and a decent windbreaker.

The temperature here was a little higher than the main star.

Even so, it was still unable to conceal Gu Yan’s beauty. Anyone could not resist beautiful things and would take a few more glances.

Gu Yan also politely nodded to him.

On the other side, Wen Jing smiled and said, “Sir, your Niyar language is also very good. May I know how to address you?”

“Arhat, just call me arhat. I have the honor to receive you with the team this time. If you need anything, you can contact me at any time.”

After saying that, Arhat handed Wen Jing a business card.

Wen Jing smiled politely and put the business card away.

The exchange ended briefly. As a child who ‘came here for the first time’, Wen Jing naturally looked out of the window. During the process, she even had a warm interaction with Gu Yan, “AH, Auntie, look at the building outside the window. It’s really beautiful.”

“Yes, this kind of building has been around for hundreds of years. The tools from a hundred years ago have yet to be developed, but the craftsmen at that time already had the skills to excel in heavenly craftsmanship...”

Gu Yan sighed in her heart. Children nowadays were really full of spirit.

Wen Jing clearly disliked her.

But in front of Luo Han, Gu Yan would naturally not be inferior to a child. Moreover, she had a strong knowledge reserve of two lifetimes. No matter what, she would not lose to Wen Jing.

Listening to Gu Yan’s confident words, Luo Han was really quite surprised. He sincerely praised, “Miss Lu, not only are you beautiful, but you’re also so knowledgeable.”

Gu Yan said humbly, “Not at all. I just like this kind of knowledge, so I read more books.”

The journey was not short, but the few of them chatted happily. When they got off the car, Luo Han could not help but give Gu Yan a business card.

“Miss Lu, it’s a pleasure to meet you.”Luo Han’s dark green eyes were full of an invitation.

Gu Yan pretended not to understand and nodded politely.

Gu Yan and Wen Jing’s rooms were arranged next to each other. They needed to go back to their rooms to rest and wait for the dinner to be held two hours later.

Of course, Gu Yan first went to the senior commander and Bai Jianjun’s rooms. She checked with the other security personnel and left after everything was clear.

However, Gu Yan did not go back to his own room. Instead, he went straight to Wen Jing’s room.

As soon as Wen Jing opened the door, Gu Yan walked in. After closing the door, she mouthed and asked silently, “Have you checked the room?”

“Ha, you don’t have to teach me this kind of thing,”Wen Jing also mouthed coldly and answered her silently.

Gu Yan did not mind the Little Brat’s tone. Seeing that she had checked it, he nodded. Then, he walked directly to Wen Jing’s handbag and took out Luo Han’s business card from it.

Wen Jing was stunned and looked up at Gu Yan.

However, she did not need Gu Yan to say anything. In the next moment, she understood.

Because Gu Yan had already taken the business card with golden edges and walked to the bathroom. He directly put it into the pool that was filled with water.

Wen Jing suddenly thought of something and immediately took out a miniature electronic device. She then realized that the business card that was soaked in water made a faint sound.

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