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Xu Xiaoshou knew that the rest of the members of Cutting Path had died of thunder calamity and were buried here as they became the nutrient of Void Gate.

The only one left behind should be the mutation of the Night Guardian.

“If you come out earlier, I might be able to bring you somewhere else to have a taste of the thunder calamity. At the same time, you could get to know someone too. But now, your owner, me, is afraid of death. So, we are not going over…”

Xu Xiaoshou stared at the thunder calamity for quite some time. Then, he turned away and rejected the invitation of Greedy the Cat Spirit directly.

After 108 rounds of the Nine Death Thunder Calamity, it was obvious that he could not withstand it at all. Now that the thunder calamity had reached the end, no doubt that the Night Guardian would withstand it. As for him, he was only a master. It would be courting his death if he approached it.


Greedy the Cat Spirit was so disappointed that he lowered his head upon hearing it.

“Let’s go and look for someone first.”

Xu Xiaoshou fed the little white cat a mouthful of elixirs. He then continued to fly to a distance afar as he ignored that little fellow.

He planned to find more people who cast greedy eyes on his head before the arrival of the demi-saint and killed them all. He wanted to let all these people know something.

It was not an easy task to obtain the Black Gold Bounty!

However, there were not many stowaways who still survived under the deep water.

After leaving the Void Gate, Xu Xiaoshou searched for a very long time. However, except for corpses and shattered water balls, no living things were found.

“So much time has passed. All of them would be either sucked dry or lose their lives after breaking through the water balls. Indeed, not many are left now…”

Xu Xiaoshou sighed.

Water ball was indeed a devil mean!

Water Ghost had lived to his name indeed!

In fact, he did not hope for more as he swam through the water.

Suddenly, a stubborn guy broke into his perception resolutely. His realm was not that high, but he was indeed one of a few people who could still survive in the water ball.

“When will it come to an end?”

Situ Yongren was dressed in luxurious clothes with countless jade ornaments on his body. He was once noble and dignified. But, at this moment, he looked so down and out while struggling to survive the water ball.

He had not died yet.

But almost. He was on his last breath now.

On the Lone Cliff, he used the Divine Secret to trap Lord Huang Quan in the Internal World of the Cloud Realm World.

He thought he had made a great contribution this time, thinking that others would look at him with new eyes. By doing so, he could probably ascend to the throne of the Path Division Chief and be on par with Yu Lingdi in becoming the younger generation who held the highest position.

It was absolutely beyond his expectation that a young swordsman who appeared out of nowhere would shatter the Internal World of the Cloud Realm World.

It was not over yet.

Well, the wolf had a winning game when the shepherds quarreled.

The master of Water-type Upanishad pulled everyone into the water with only one move. Of course, Situ Yongren was no exception too.

After falling into the water, if not for the fact that it was a difficult operation, he would not bring along a large number of protective spiritual weapons and elixirs. Those protective spiritual weapons and elixirs were the reason he could survive till now.

“Water-type Upanishad…”

“In this world, there is actually someone else who had mastered the Water-type Upanishad except for Yu Lingdi?”

“It is still fine if it is another kind of attribute. But how could it be so coincident? Both of them are Water-type Upanishads?”

Situ Yongren was suspecting.

Was that person the former Spirit Division Chief, Yu Mo?

From what he remembered, the Great Demon King Yu Mo had suffered a downfall. Even if he had not died yet, he should still belong to the Holy Divine Palace.

After all, Yu Mo was raised in the Holy Divine Palace. He was raised in a healthy environment. Therefore, it would be impossible for him to do something that would harm the Holy Divine Palace.

Obviously, there was no conclusion from all these deductions

Situ Yongren let out a long sigh. Then, he came to think of the guy he almost took down on the Lone Cliff.

“Lord Huang Quan…”

“What a pity! It was so close to nabbing him…”

He mumbled softly as his thought started to wander again. He wondered when the water ball would drop to the bottom of the sea. He also wondered when Sword Deity Rao would find him and rescue him from such misery.

“Missing me?”

Suddenly, a teasing voice was heard behind him.

Situ Yongren was stunned. He then around immediately.

Spiritual senses were useless under the Spell Forbidden Barrier. Therefore, he could not sense anyone at all even though someone was right beside him.

However, when he turned around, he was shocked to see a golden-masked man in a golden robe right behind him. That man was standing upright in the deep sea without the protection of the water ball. He was not affected by the water pressure at all.

The most ridiculous thing was not that he was absolutely fine.

But the cat on his head. It could actually withstand the water pressure!


“Human! Are you doubting me now?” said the cat in his mind.

The little white cat was not afraid of strangers at all. After a weird cry, the Three Loathsome Eyes spun vigorously. It became so eye-catching and angry all of a sudden.

Situ Yongren was stunned on the spot.

His first reaction was… Was this a ghost beast?

As for his second reaction… Wasn’t that the Lei Family’s Eyes? This ghost beast was actually equipped with the Three Loathsome Eyes, one of the Lei Family’s Eyes. What an extravagant joke!

Then, his third reaction… Was the man behind the golden mask Huang Quan? Lord Huang Quan of Yama?

“I am doomed!”

Situ Yongren’s heart skipped a beat. His vision blurred all of a sudden. Suddenly, he seemed to see a grim reaper waving at him.

He had tried hard to survive for such a long time. But, before he could wait for Rao Yaoyao to come to his rescue, he saw the arrival of the “credit” he had longed wanted to own.

However, with the presence of Rao Yaoyao, it would be called a “credit”. But when he was all alone, it would be called the reaper instead!


Situ Yongren was so afraid that he could not speak properly now. He swallowed hard. But still, he could not speak a single word.

“Greedy the Cat Spirit.”

Without further nonsense, Xu Xiaoshou interrupted and gave an order to Greedy the Cat Spirit.


Greedy the Cat Spirit understood what he meant.

Well, the cat was very familiar with such things already. Without wasting any time, the Three Loathsome Eyes spun again. As the Three Loathsome Eyes spun, Situ Yongren, who was still in the water ball, was stunned.

“Who do you think I am?” asked Xu Xiaoshou.

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I Am Loaded with Passive Skills


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