I Am Loaded with Passive Skills Volume 1232

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“Meow!” Greedy the Cat Spirit translated.

Situ Yongren had brought more than a dozen of defensive spiritual weapons with him. These spiritual weapons could be used to resist spiritual attacks.

However, the Lei Family’s Eyes were too ridiculous!

As for the Three Loathsome Eyes, it was utterly ridiculous!

When crossing the realm, as long as one was willing to pay a price, one could gain full control of the other party. Furthermore, Greedy the Cat Spirit was in the Sovereign Stage. In fact, the energy level and quality level of the ghost beast were already higher than Situ Yongren’s.

Under such circumstances, Greedy the Cat Spirit could already gain full control of Situ Yongren if he wanted to when the two of them set their eyes on each other.

“Lord Huang Quan of Yama…” Situ Yongren answered subconsciously.

Huang Quan?

Good! It seemed that this guy could not tell that he was fake.

He gave it a thought. He bet that Rao Yaoyao would more likely suspect that he was Huang Quan instead of Xu Xiaoshou.

Xu Xiaoshou thought about it in his mind.

In fact, he had changed his identity three times at the Lone Cliff.

He felt that Rao Yaoyao and the rest could not see through his true identity. But, with the assurance of his enemy, he could finally put his mind at ease.

It seemed that Lord Huang Quan had taken a lot of the blame for Xu Xiaoshou.

Xu Xiaoshou smiled as he lowered his head to look at the spiritual weapons equipped by Situ Yongren. He then asked, “How many protective spiritual weapons and elixirs are you left with? How long could you withstand further?”

“Meow!” Greedy the Cat Spirit conveyed the same message as well.

Situ Yongren said, “One hundred… and thirty-two pieces of… spiritual weapon… As for elixirs… a lot. It can… last me for… three days…”

Three days?

Xu Xiaoshou’s jaw dropped.

What a coward! How timid was he to bring so many things?


He was too rich indeed!

It was at least ten times or a hundred times richer than Xu Xiaoshou!

“Can you give it to me?” asked Xu Xiaoshou.

“Meow! Meow! Meow!” said Greedy the Cat Spirit excitedly upon hearing the question. He conveyed the message that he was interested in the elixirs too!



“The spiritual weapon… recognize its master… So, I can’t… give it to anyone…”

“What about the elixirs?”

“Elixirs?” Situ Yongren was caught in a dilemma. He tried to suppress the expression but failed. He then said, “Can…”

“Give it to me!” said Xu Xiaoshou excitedly.

Greedy the Cat Spirit took control of Situ Yongren again.

The power of the Three Loathsome Eyes was too strong that Situ Yongren could not resist it at all. He had no choice but to follow his instruction. He opened a portal using his space necklace with all his might and took out a large number of bottles in different sizes.

In a blink of an eye, the water ball was left with not much space!

Xu Xiaoshou was stunned.

“Little Rejuvenation Pill, Rejuvenation Pill, etc… It is all used for body restoration. So many of them? Did you rob the Holy Divine Palace’s warehouse?”

“Saint Origin Pill, Soul Origin Pill, etc… What the fuck! These are the highest quality elixirs for spiritual source recovery and soul energy recovery. Yet, you have ten bottles each?”

“Mental Stimulation Pill to stimulate mental strength and combat potential…”

“Nine Transformation Blood Pill, the best elixir for healing…”

“God’s Blessing! God’s Blessing! God’s Blessing! What the fuck! Why do you have so many God’s Blessing with you? The small bottle has only one pill each. But why do you have seven bottles of it?”

Xu Xiaoshou was stunned.

Situ Yongren seemed to have overwritten his knowledge once and for all.

Xu Xiaoshou had always thought that as the descendant of the Infernal lineage, he was already a billionaire as compared to his peers. It was totally beyond his imagination that this absolute descendant of power was so much richer than himself!

“I should have fought you a long time ago. You are such a big piece of meat!”

“I shouldn’t have let you off easily the last time we met at the First Pavilion in the Sky. You are such a big piece of meat!”

Xu Xiaoshou’s lips trembled. Even his hand was trembling vigorously too.

If he robbed Situ Yongren in the first place, probably the Night Guardian would not mutate. At least, he would not have to sniff on the empty bottles of the eighth-grade or ninth-grade honey pot to quench his thirst under the thunder calamity.

Poverty! Original sin!

“Give it to me!”

Xu Xiaoshou twisted his hand to execute spatial displacement.

All the bottles in different sizes inside Situ Yongren’s water ball turned into water instantly.

On the other side, in the Yuan Mansion world, there was a large amount of wealth appearing from nowhere!

“Any more?” Xu Xiaoshou asked with expectation.

“No… no more… not a single bottle left…” Even though Situ Yongren was being controlled, his tone and expression seemed miserable. He seemed to know that he had done something terrible.

Xu Xiaoshou thought for a moment before he lifted his head and spoke.

“Where is the Holy Blood? Aren’t you the Holy Son of the Holy Divine Palace? You should have a lot of Holy Blood with you, isn’t it?”

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