Heartwarming Aristocratic Marriage: Influential Master's Wife-Chasing Strategy Volume 832

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The next day, Chuanbei, Jing residence…

When Fu Chen arrived, it was around three in the afternoon. When he went to the living room of the Jing residence, Sheng Aiyi was drinking tea to moisten her throat. She was still wearing a costume with red plum branches wrapped around it. Her sleeves were rolled up to her wrists, and her figure and singing voice were naturally impeccable.

Moreover, she didn’t drink alcohol and even avoided eating raw and cold foods. Her maintenance of her throat had already reached the extreme.

“Fu Chen, welcome. Come in and sit.” Sheng Aiyi smiled and invited him to sit down. “Are you here to send an invitation?”

The news of the Fu family’s matter had long spread. Old Madam Fu had informed her and asked her to give them face when the time came.

“Yes,” Fu Chen replied and handed the invitation over. “Please come.”

“Time really flies. In the blink of an eye, you’ve gotten engaged.” Sheng Aiyi rubbed the invitation card, her heart full of mixed feelings.

A few years ago, they were still discussing that Fu Chen’s group of friends had yet to fall in love at the age of marriage. Now, Fu Sinian’s child was about to be born, Fu Chen’s marriage was also on the agenda, and Duan Linbai had no lack of young ladies who liked him. On the other hand, her family’s…

He actually went fishing.

He was simply incurable.

She remembered that recently, there had often been rumors online about a woman getting married to a bridge and someone leaving their inheritance to their cat. She kept thinking that with Jing Hanchuan’s temperament, besides leaving the Jing family’s assets behind, how many fish would he leave behind?

Was this proper?

Actually, Sheng Aiyi wasn’t in a hurry before. After all, there were too many people getting married late now. But when she saw that his friends of the same age as him were in relationships, she definitely felt a little restless.

“Where’s Hanchuan?” Fu Chen had specially come to find him today.

“In the backyard.” Sheng Aiyi looked angry.

“Okay, I’ll go find him.” Fu Chen walked to the backyard.

When he went out, he saw a member of the Jing family leading seven people toward him. He recognized the leader. He was a young man that the Pear Garden was currently training. He was in his mid-twenties and looked fair and elegant.

Moreover, he was Sheng Aiyi’s disciple. Previously, because of this matter, a certain big shot was very depressed. He thought that it was fine if she took in female disciples, but why did she take in a male disciple?

The few people behind him were almost all young and good-looking men and women. From their posture and builds, it was obvious that they were industry insiders. Their backs were straight. Although they didn’t do it deliberately, their every move revealed some habit.

“Third Master.” They greeted Fu Chen a few meters away.

“Mm.” Fu Chen nodded and walked straight to the backyard.

“Third Master Fu is really better-looking than I imagined.” One of them smiled. “But he also looks very cold. He was raised by a noble family, so his bearing is really different.”

“When you become a star in the future, you’ll be able to show your face on stage more often, and you’ll see him more often. Third Master is a regular guest of the Pear Garden and often gives gifts. He’s really a good person.”

“But Third Master is already engaged. No matter how good-looking he is, he belongs to someone else. It’s better to see Sixth Master.”

“He’s not someone you can think about either.” The man in front shattered her fantasy.

They were being supported by the Jing family. It was already not easy for them to gain a foothold in the industry. It was better not to think about anything else.

The few of them smiled and walked to the living room. People were different, so they naturally had their own thoughts.

On Fu Chen’s side…

The Jing family member leading him smiled and said, “The Pear Garden will close on the twenty-eighth of the twelfth lunar month. During this period, business will be very good. I think they brought some songs over to discuss what to sing before the new year. There might be some new plays.”

“Are they all young people?”

“Four of them are considered Madam’s disciples. The Pear Garden wants to groom new people recently.” There were changes in every industry, and the Beijing opera industry was the same.

“Let me know if you have a new show.”

Old Madam Fu would definitely like it.

“That’s for sure.” The Jing family member smiled.

When Fu Chen saw Jing Hanchuan, he was leaning against a chair with a fishing pole propped up at the side. It was a winter afternoon, and the sun was warm. When the sunlight landed on him, it seemed to envelop him in a faint layer of light.

He looked pure and languid. He knew that Fu Chen was here, but he waited for him to approach before looking at him. “What are you doing here?”

His tone wasn’t good.

“I have something to tell you.”

The two of them only needed one look to know what each other was thinking.

Jing Hanchuan sneered. “Fu Chen, I treat you as a friend, but you want to dig holes everywhere for me to jump into?

When Fu Chen heard this, he understood and sat on the chair beside him. “I’ve reminded you many times, but you didn’t take it to heart. How can you blame me?”

“Were those things reminders?”

Thankfully, he knew in advance and had an idea of what would happen in the future.

“If you were a little fool like Duan Lang, I might have pointed it out. Do you need me to be straightforward? Isn’t our tacit understanding clear at a glance?”

At this moment, Duan Linbai was dealing with a pile of documents accumulated before the new year in his company. He inexplicably felt a chill on the back of his neck.

Fu Chen was clearly saying that he didn’t point it out directly because Jing Hanchuan was smart. Unless he wanted to admit that he was a fool…

Jing Hanchuan raised his hand and rubbed his fishing rod. He cursed in his heart but still had to smile on the outside. Fu Chen was too devious. He could always find a bunch of reasons to justify himself.

Moreover, he had praised him highly, making it difficult for him to argue.

He’s really devious to the extreme.

“You’re about to have an engagement banquet. Aren’t you afraid that I’ll cause trouble for you?” Jing Hanchuan raised his eyebrows. His words were already a little threatening.

As long as he called a few subordinates over to stand at the entrance of the hotel, the festive atmosphere would probably be gone.

Song Fengwan had even specially called her two roommates. Those two young ladies would probably be scared out of their wits.

Fu Chen smiled faintly. “Do you need to play so big? So ruthlessly?”

“If I hadn’t discovered it and the Xu family came to find me first, my legs would probably have been broken.” Jing Hanchuan rubbed his fishing rod. “Do you need to be so ruthless to me?”

“It’s not bad to lose your legs and win love.”

Jing Hanchuan’s fishing rod moved. He slowly reeled in the line, really wanting to throw the fish directly at his face.

The people of the Jing family all lowered their heads and kept silent. It would be abnormal if they didn’t argue when they were together.

It was really a fight between gods.

But neither side suffered any losses at all.

It was around four o’clock. The sun had yet to set, but the cold wind was already raging. There were no large buildings around the Jing residence, so the cold wind blew without obstruction. Fu Chen didn’t stay long before leaving.

Jing Hanchuan sent him to the door and said, “You probably threatened her to make desserts for you, right?”

He knew better than anyone that Xu Yuanfei no longer accepted such big orders.

Why did she agree to Fu Chen? It was probably not because of their friendship.

“You’ve tricked both of us at once. Don’t worry. I’ll definitely attend on time on the twenty-first of the twelfth lunar month.”

Fu Chen’s expression didn’t change as he smiled and left in his car.


When Jing Hanchuan returned, Sheng Aiyi was guiding the few newcomers of the Pear Garden in the living room. Three of the girls inevitably looked a little shy when they saw Jing Hanchuan.

“Focus.” Sheng Aiyi had a good temper, but she was very strict in some aspects.

The girls immediately gathered their thoughts.

A certain big shot was sitting at the side, staring fixedly at Sheng Aiyi’s male disciple. They were already an old married couple, yet he still liked to be jealous. Jing Hanchuan felt that he was childish.

He got some fish food and fed the fish while sending Xu Yuanfei a message.

He had just deliberately threatened Fu Chen. It was impossible for him to cause trouble. He was still thinking about what gifts to give them.

At this moment, his phone vibrated, indicating that there was a new WeChat message.

He clicked on it to take a look. His fingers trembled, and all the fish food he was holding fell into the fish tank. The fish scrambled to bite the flakes.

There was a photo on WeChat.

The gate had white walls and black tiles. On the gate, there were two words printed in gold: Xu family.

[I’m meeting your future father-in-law.]

From: Fu Chen

There was even a smiling emoji at the end.

Fu Chen is really…

I only threatened him verbally, but he actually ran to the Xu residence?

He really isn’t willing to suffer any losses.

Because it was almost winter vacation for many universities, Xu Yuanfei didn’t go to the store today and was researching new desserts at home. When she suddenly heard from her father that there would be a guest at home, she was a little surprised.

“Don’t just stand there. Go upstairs and change your clothes. Your clothes aren’t good for meeting guests.” Master Xu sent her upstairs.

“Who is it that I need to change clothes?” Xu Yuanfei was puzzled. Very few guests came to their house.

“Fu Chen.”

Xu Yuanfei’s heart was in her mouth. Fu Chen? What is he doing here? He should be very tight-lipped, right? There shouldn’t be a situation of him having a big mouth, right?

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