Heartwarming Aristocratic Marriage: Influential Master's Wife-Chasing Strategy Volume 831

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If the deed was done, her father wouldn’t be able to object even if he wanted to.

Xu Yuanfei felt that she was going crazy.

Ever since she met him, she had really tried all kinds of daring things.

Actually, she was also baffled as to why the rumors about Jing Hanchuan had spread so much.

Ever since her head had been smashed, Xu Yao had paid special attention to Jing Hanchuan for a while. Even when girls confessed to him in school, he would tell her everything.

At the time, Xu Yao said, “Say, how can anyone like a bad person like Jing Hanchuan? If people knew how bad he was, would those little girls still dare to pounce on him?”

Xu Yuanfei’s heart was stirred, and an idea was born.

Back then, in school, the girls talked about it. Later, for some reason, the news seemed to go out of control, and it spread even more crazily.

It went completely out of her control, so much so that the words ‘killing people like flies’ popped up eventually.

She wanted to control it again, but she was afraid that she would give herself away, causing this evil wind to blow even more fiercely until it became unrecognizable.

Xu Yuanfei lowered her head, fiddled with the sauce in her bowl, and said in a muffled voice, “I’m sorry about the rumors. I just wanted to scare off a few love rivals. But I don’t know why…”

Jing Hanchuan tilted his head to look at her. “Just an apology?”

Other than the hotpot soup boiling, the entire private room was so quiet that a pin drop could be heard. After an unknown period of time, Xu Yuanfei put down her chopsticks, supported herself with both hands on the table, and leaned over…

She kissed the side of his face lightly.

It was like a feather brushing past.

It was gentle, but it tickled his heart.

Jing Hanchuan’s heart trembled slightly, but his face was calm. His fingers gripped his chopsticks tightly, and his throat moved slightly. He was a little thirsty.

When Xu Yuanfei returned to her seat, her face was completely red. The bit of mutton in her bowl had already been stabbed to pieces by her.

Just like how her heart seemed to be being rubbed by him…

It was soft and crumbling.

The hotpot in the private room kept boiling, and their hearts were burning.


Xu Yuanfei accompanied him to eat for more than half an hour before getting up and going downstairs.

“I’ll send you?” Jing Hanchuan said.

“No need. If my brother sees us, I’m afraid this hotpot restaurant won’t be able to continue operating.”

“I hit his eye last time. Is he alright?” Jing Hanchuan originally didn’t care much about Xu Yao, but he had actually had a barbecue behind his backyard. That day, Jing Hanchuan had the urge to make his other eye symmetrical.

“He’s fine. He’s just a little irritable occasionally.”

“Since he’s your brother…” Jing Hanchuan changed the topic. “I’ll show mercy next time.”

Xu Yuanfei laughed out loud.

After Xu Yao returned that time, he thought that the two of them were evenly matched. He even shouted that he wanted to settle scores with Jing Hanchuan. How laughable.

“Then, I’ll go down first and call you when I get home,” Xu Yuanfei said reluctantly.

After she left, Jing Hanchuan put down his chopsticks and checked the message Fu Chen had sent him.

Fu Chen planned to go to his house tomorrow and said that he had something to discuss.

Many images flashed across Jing Hanchuan’s mind. The clearest one was when Little Mr. Yan came over, and Fu Chen said, “Not all brothers-in-law in the world are so cute.”

His lips curled into a smile, looking a little evil.

Fu Chen!

You’re good.

Fortunately, he had discovered it in advance. If Xu Yao or Master Xu knew first, he would have been caught off guard and would have probably had no way out.

The scene of Master Xu appearing at his house 20 years ago flashed across his mind.

How could such a fierce person raise such a cute daughter?

When Xu Yuanfei downstairs, she specially went outside to buy a cup of bubble tea.

“Big Sis, where did you go? I even went to the restroom to look for you. I was just about to call you.” Xu Yao was about to leave when he realized that his sister had been missing for a long time.

“It’s too hot inside, and the smell is strong. I went out for a walk. Are you done? I’ll go settle the bill.”

“Hey, Big Sis, don’t. We’ll settle the bill.” Although Xu Yuanfei was older than them, she was still a girl, so it wasn’t good for her to settle the bill. The boys pushed her politely. In the end, Xu Yao settled the bill. The few of them chatted at the door for a while before leaving.

Xu Yao had drunk some beer, so his face was a little hot. When he took the car home, he kept looking at his sister.

“Big Sis, have you been doing something good recently?”

“No.” Xu Yuanfei felt as if a huge stone had been lifted from her heart, so she was naturally in a good mood. “Xu Yao, let me ask you something.”

“Go ahead.”

“It’s almost the new year. Dad is going to start arranging blind dates for me again, but I don’t like them.”

“I also think they don’t suit you.” Xu Yao felt that the people his father introduced were too refined and not suitable for the Xu family.

“Then, what type do you think suits me? If I find you a brother-in-law, what do you want him to be like?”

“As long as it’s not Jing Hanchuan, anyone is fine!”

Even though Xu Yao was a little drunk, he was still thinking about Jing Hanchuan.

When Xu Yuanfei returned home, her father was sitting in the living room. When he saw the two of them return, he even took a few more glances at them. “Did you drink?”

“Xu Yao drank some beer.” Xu Yuanfei smiled.

“Go wash up. You smell.” Master Xu looked at his children in disdain.

When Xu Yuanfei washed up and went downstairs, she sat beside her father and chatted about her trip to the countryside. This time, Master Xu hadn’t gone with her. The topic they talked about was nothing more than the elderlies’ health.

In fact, Old Master Xu especially favored Xu Yuanfei because she looked very similar to his wife.

Old Master Xu had wanted a daughter, but after having two sons, he placed all his love for his daughter on Xu Yuanfei.

“… They’re in good health. It’s just that the cold tide was strong some time ago, so they caught a small cold.” Xu Yuanfei drank her milk and asked casually, “Dad, is my residence booklet still in the drawer of your study?”

The Xu family’s residence booklets weren’t hidden, and almost anyone could take them.

“Yes, what do you want it for?” Master Xu was watching a TV program.

“To get married,” Xu Yuanfei said her true intentions in a playful tone.

Master Xu snorted and tilted his head to look at her. “You’ve never even had a boyfriend? Who are you going to marry?

“If you have the ability, bring someone back for me to see. It’ll save me from thinking about arranging blind dates for you every day.

“But if you’re really that bold, I’ll hang you and that wild man up and beat you together!”

“Dad, can you bear to hit me?” Xu Yuanfei leaned against him tightly. “Don’t you love me the most?”

“Hurry up and go to bed. It’s getting late! Go upstairs quietly. Your mother is already asleep.”

Master Xu didn’t take this matter to heart at all and sent her away. He thought that she was doing something else with the residence booklet because there were too many things that needed it now. He assumed that Xu Yuanfei was joking with him.

He even specially reminded, “Your residence booklet is at the usual place. If you need it, take it yourself.”

“Thank you, Dad.”

Xu Yuanfei really ran to the study to take out her residence booklet.

She took a photo and sent it to Jing Hanchuan.

[I can be responsible for you now.]

Jing Hanchuan only saw the message after taking a shower. He didn’t expect Xu Yuanfei to really steal her residence booklet.

Isn’t she afraid of entrusting herself to the wrong person? Is she in such a hurry to be responsible for me?

If he really went to register for marriage with Xu Yuanfei and Master Xu found out, his legs would probably…

… be broken!

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