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“If you’re from the four families, you will usually be taken to the inner campus and rarely stay in the outer campus.” Sheng Ming glanced at Yun Feng suspiciously. Yun Feng chuckled. “Some people might want us to be taught a lesson before we officially enter the Juxing School, but we’ll have to disappoint them.”

Sheng Ming raised his brows, wondering who Yun Feng was talking about. “You three, come here!” At this moment, the few people who led Yun Feng in just then walked over gloomily. Seeing that, Sheng Ming immediately called out respectfully, “Guards of the outer campus, greetings.”

The few guards nodded and pointed at Yun Feng and the others. “You three, come to the inner campus with me.”

Sheng Ming took a step back slightly. Yun Feng looked at these people’s salty faces and sneered in her mind. It seemed that these people were extremely unhappy that they hadn’t been taught a lesson. When she walked past Sheng Ming, Yun Feng turned around slightly. “I’ll go first and enter the inner campus. I’ll be waiting for you.”

Sheng Ming was stunned. He felt that it was a bit weird for this girl, who came in through the back door and had some strength, to say this, but he still smiled. “Alright, I’ll definitely work hard.”

The few guards all curled their lips. It was obvious that someone who got in through the back door would overestimate themselves. They led Yun Feng and the others all the way inside. The few guards in the front started mumbling again. “I really don’t understand. How can a person who got in through the back door say such a thing?”

“That’s right. Sheng Ming is the top expert of the outer campus. Is there any doubt that he can’t go to the inner campus?”

“If we put her in the outer campus, who knows when she’ll be able to enter the inner campus? How dare she say that!”

Yun Feng and the others walked behind. You Yue had been suppressing his anger, but he couldn’t hold it in anymore. “How talkative are these people? Guards? I think they’re gossips!”

Yun Feng chuckled. “Brother, just let them talk whatever they want. We did get in through the back door. That’s the truth.”

The few guards in front whispered along the way with a lot of dissatisfaction in their minds. They walked in the outer campus with Yun Feng for a long time and finally stopped in front of a door. The few guards in front turned around and looked at Yun Feng arrogantly. “Do you see this? This door is the door that leads to the inner campus. Without a specific key, you can’t open this door at all! Of course, if you have the strength of Grade 5 of the King Level, you can also open it. However, for those who use the back door…” The few guards looked at Yun Feng with a sneer and reached their hands into their pockets, as if they were looking for the key. Yun Feng chuckled at them and walked to the door.

“Why? Do you want to try? You can try! Otherwise, you won’t give up. I’ve seen so many people from the four families who relied on privileges to enter the inner campus. They all thought they had some strength, but none of them could open the door.”

Yun Feng looked at the guards with a faint smile in her black eyes. “None of them can open it, can they?”

The few guards were all inexplicably stunned. They felt that Yun Feng’s smile was rather weird. Yun Feng chuckled and slapped the huge door with her hands. With the strength of Grade 5 of the King Level in her hands, the outermost area of the giant door seemed to shake slightly. The next second, the huge door let out a low moan under Yun Feng’s hands and the two doors slowly opened on both sides!

The guards were all dumbfounded. They all opened their mouths and looked at the huge door that Yun Feng pushed open. Yun Feng pushed the door open and walked in with her head held high. Qu Lanyi chuckled behind her and looked at the few people who were frozen on the side. “What exactly did Fengfeng show that made you think that she got in through the back door?”

The few guards glanced at Qu Lanyi. She was sent in by the Gong family through the back door!

Qu Lanyi shook his head. “Before you know a person completely, don’t define this person. Otherwise… You will regret it.”

The few guards all swallowed secretly. Damn it. That girl could push open this giant door with her hand, which meant that she was at least a Grade-5 King! She was even stronger than Sheng Ming, the top expert of the outer campus! Why did a Grade-5 King have to rely on this spot to get in through the back door? Was there something wrong with her brain?

Qu Lanyi walked in with a smile. You Yue was also amused by the expressions of these people. He shook his head and walked in too. The few guards looked at the giant door for a long time. In the end, they opened their mouths and scolded each other. “F*ck, have you seen anyone who got in through the back door and is at Grade 5 of the King Level?”

“You’re already a Grade-5 King. Why didn’t you come in openly? You made a fool of us!”

“Damn! The door is already open. Why are you still mumbling? Go in quickly!”

The few guards walked in with an even more gloomy look. This giant door slowly closed again after the few of them entered, making a deep and loud sound, leaving no gap at all.

After entering the inner campus, Yun Feng clearly felt that the environment here was more suitable for cultivation than that in the outer campus. Her cultivation speed would also be doubled. The difference between the inner campus and the outer campus couldn’t be so simple, or the disciples of the outer campus wouldn’t have worked so hard to enter the inner campus.

The inner campus seemed a bit smaller than the outer campus, and the number of students couldn’t compare to that of the outer campus. It seemed that the requirements to enter the inner campus were very strict. To be exact, the gathering place of talents of the Juxing School was in the inner campus. Of course, there were also members of the four major families who got in through the back door.

“Ahem! This way, this way…” The few guards said rather awkwardly as they pointed in a direction. Yun Feng didn’t say anything and followed them silently. It was quite rare for a few newcomers to enter the inner campus. Seeing that Yun Feng and the others were all new faces along the way, some students of the inner campus were also puzzled. Even though they only met a few inner campus disciples along the way, Yun Feng had already felt the obvious difference in strength between the inner campus and the outer campus. The disciples of the inner campus were all above Grade 4 of the King Level! She was at Grade 5 of the King Level right now, so it wasn’t a big deal here.

“The inner campus is indeed extraordinary,” mumbled Qu Lanyi. “Anyone of them is at Grade 4 of the King Level. Wouldn’t those who really got in through the back door die of embarrassment here?”

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