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Chapter 1622 Summoning A Second Maxima Summon!

As I watched Sol get along with everybody while we had lunch, I looked into my own things, specially a big black egg resting over a bed made of pillows over the floor, this was Bubu's egg. It has been roughly eight hours since he entered into the egg, but I had still have to wait 4 more hours for him to hatch! After all, waiting 12 hours was really hell. I really thought I would breeze through those 12 hours, but even when the morning came, we had breakfast, and then we are having lunch, he's still yet to hatch!

I guess he evolved a bit too late, like… I think he began evolving at around 5 AM, so I guess it is normal that it will feel like an eternity for me. We either can wait here until he hatches or just move on and I just carry him by myself. If I put him inside the Item Box, the time will stop moving forward, so we need to bring him along with us, which is a pain in the ass.

And yes, I had already tried opening a hole into my flesh and putting him inside, but that would asphyxiate him because he needs oxygen. I can't give him oxygen as I cannot manipulate my body to such insane extents as I could before. I remember being able to carry the egg of my baby Scarlet with me inside of my body due to my body already being highly evolved back in Genesis, but I can't do this anymore.

Damn, I miss my Scarlet-chan. She was very cute… I miss my little gluttonous baby girl that teleports around.

Ugh… I have to bear with this pain. This pain of not being able to see my babies makes me stronger, I'll use this agony to blitz through any new challenges and defeating anything I find in front of my own path, mercilessly!

Now, back into another topic… I cannot carry Bubu normally, so I'll have to just bring him with a second pair of arms, or maybe carry him inside a bag made of leather. Thankfully his eggshell is very hard so it can be done to an extent.

And well, there's something else left to do yet. Now that all my Daos ended evolving into Full Daos last night after everything happened, I was also able to become capable of summoning a second Maxima Summon. My first one was already an amazingly strong one, so I wonder what will be my second one… For now, it would be better to just summon it right away, but behind people's backs though, it would be weird if I bring a giant creature in front of everybody and would certainly be terrifying for them as well.

"Alright, let's throw the roulette then!" I said, excited about the Gacha of Maxima Summons finally becoming available once more.

You would usually find all sorts of normie Daos in Cultivation stuff, but a Dao of Summons is really something quite crazy to think that it could have a Dao now that I think about it… But well, let's bring it!


A massive Maxima Summon Magic Circle emerged in the floor before me, as a flash of bright light began to slowly surge from within. Something was slowly forming from there, something, something big and powerful, something amazing… something… something…!

"Huh? What the heck is this?"

When the creature finally emerged, I expected something more glorious than a Caterpillar back then. I really had my hopes high. After all I had seen frogs that could leap through space, walking Yggdrasil trees, beautiful dragons, wonderfully adorable rainbow slimes, literal living stars made of dark matter, and so on…

But… what the heck is this?

You must be kidding me right now.

It is…

"A Paint Brush…?!"


The creature that emerged was a Paint Brush.

I couldn't believe it when I saw it.

I thought this was some sort of stupid little pain brush mascot you find in places where they sell paint.

But it was slightly cute and didn't looked cartoony. It was a colorful pain brush with two tiny eyes like those Kirby has, and that's it. I don't know if it will even evolve into something different though.


The Paint Brush flew around my body as it seemed rather happy to see me.

"W-Well, happy to see you as well… Err, how should I call you?" I sighed.

"Fofoooo!" The Paint Brush suddenly gained some rainbow-colored paint it materialized out of thin air, painting the empty air itself. Magical letters emerged from the paint, amazingly so.

"Wow, so you can just do that…"

The letters said… "Nice to meet you, master."

"Ooh, nice to meet you as well…?" I said. "I guess you're more intelligent than Bubu… What exactly are you?"

The Paint Brush quickly began painting again, as colorful letters appeared. It felt like I had become the protagonist of a kid's show or something.

And the letters said… "I am a failed creation… I thought I would remain in the abyss forever."

"Failed… creation?"

More letters appeared saying… "Father created me thinking I could paint any element he wanted or anything in existence. But that was too much of a burden…"

More letters appeared after those saying… "I ended overdoing it and broke, reducing my power… For eons, I was inside a black hole… until I was brought here!"

"Oohh… W-Well, I am glad to have freed you." I sighed. "I guess I can name you… How about Colora?" I asked.


Colora seemed to like that name, so we decided to settle on that one for now!


[You have decided the name of your [Maxima Summon] as [Colora]

[Colora] has now developed a Soul Book]

So he or she… I'll call her she. She has a status!

"Let's see your status-"

However, before I could, Aquamarine, White, Black, and Silver interrupted me. The four of them were slightly surprised to see Colora, she seemed more unique than I had imagined.

"Wait, master… that Maxima Summon is…!" Said Black.

"It's an Ego!" Said White.

"What?!" I asked in shock.

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