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In front of us, I summoned a hundred Fortress Golems I had enhanced using my buffing skills. Apparently Silva also had the power to enhance summons by spending several times their required amount of MP, this way the summons end up way stronger. With the army of golems, the people of the village were left even more flabbergasted. Not a single person wasn't dropping their jaws in shock.


"The goddess has summoned an army of stone guardians!"

"A-Are they all really going to protect us?!"

"Yep! I've summoned them specifically for you guys." I said. "I won't have a good conscience of mind if I leave without giving you one last little help." I said while puffing my chest.

"L-Little help?!" Ariant and Eriant's grandmother ran to my side. "Goddess-sama, this is insanity! Are you really giving them all to us?!"

"Yeah yeah, don't sweat it, they just cost some MP, nothing much." I said while shrugging.

Sol, Luminous, and Fiere were just as shocked I was just doing this for these people.

"I guess this is Kireina after all." Said Sol. "I don't remember her being so nice though."

"Maybe she had a change of heart." Luminous said. "I can't deny I like this new her."

"This is an astonishing gift…" Fiere added. "But it is nice, this way the village can protect themselves better if a new monster wave attacks. Also the walls had been reinforced by her help and the other villagers… so everything is way better than before."

"Not only that, but the tree also she created out of nowhere is giving a lot of magic essence, which keeps people healthy, and it might bear tasty fruit soon… Alongside that, she just made a whole farm with hybrid plants. She's… is she some sort of Dryad or something?" Luminous wondered.

"Kireina is Kireina I guess." Sighed Sol.

"Yeah, logic doesn't apply with her." Fiere said.

"I-I guess we have reached the point where it is useless to try to apply logic to her, yeah." Luminous seemed to lament.

"Hey don't say that! I already told you I was a Supreme Goddess in my previous life. I am merely relearning the Skills I already had as I level up in this world, as simple as that." I sighed.

"You said you were a Chaos Goddess, how com you have the power to create Yggdrasil Trees?!" Asked Luminous.

"It is not a real one, a faker, it is a Lesser Yggdrasil Tree, the real ones are bigger." I said. "I had like twenty in my divine realm."

"T-Twenty?!" Asked Luminous.

"Yeah it was originally one I stole from the Elves of that world and then it just began to spread its seed around. I even have a daughter that is also a tree I created with my own flesh when I evolved. I was part Yggdrasil myself so I guess it makes sense. I fused with that tree." I said.




I guess they didn't understand a single thing.

"Anyways, that's that." I sighed. "And yeah, it is fine." I directed my gaze to the grandma.

"Sigh… You make us feel guilty like this!" She sighed while pouting.

Was she cute just now?

"It's fine. Leave it at that." I said with a smile. "Well I might come back in the future one day; you can think of something to give me back by then."

The villagers waved their hands as they said their goodbyes, and we quickly moved across the desert, slowly making our way towards the Graveyard Mountains, or whatever they were called. Of course, we'll take a small turn to find the dungeon where Sol found himself trapped the other day, we might even find the Genie there so I can zap him to death.

However, in our way through the desert, we suddenly heard footsteps behind us. When we looked back, they weren't monsters, but two young Desert Elves.

"Kireina-sama, please let us accompany you through this journey!" Ariant said.

"Please! We want to be heroes as well!" Eriant said.

"Heroes?! I am not doing anything heroic; I am just going to go back to my world, are you sure you want to be with us in the way there?" I wondered.

"Hm, they seem quite strong, I believe they would make a good asset for our team." Luminous said.

"I am all for it. The more bodyguards the safer my lady will be when we finally get her back." Said Fiere.

"I agree to that as well, you two are pretty strong I remember you fighting against the monsters." Sol added.

The twins quickly directed their gazes at me, looking at me as if waiting for my ultimate approval..

"Ugh what a pain, but sure."

The two celebrated a bit, I guess we had two more in the team, although I don't think I'll bring them to the Demon Territory, so after we are done with the desert, I'll send them straight back to their village.

Like that, Luminous helped us move across the desert, letting us mount over his wide back as he flew into the skies. It was much easier to just fly than walk around, the carriage was also useless in such a way.

There was only about two hours before Bubu could hatch, so I was carrying around inside a leather bag I carried around carefully. The travel across the skies was relaxing, and with the aid of the twins and Sol, we reached the dungeon where he was trapped in time record, jus twenty minutes.

"That's an immense Labyrinth." Said Fiere. "Much larger than the one from Floresse-sama's country."

"Indeed, it is enormous. This one is… It was born from an enormous rib infected with miasma from a fallen dark god, as I thought." Luminous said.

"Huh, is that why it is shaped like this?" I wondered.

The Labyrinth had a strange rib-shaped entrance, like a long tube with stairs going down. And from within, I could sense a lot of life.

I guess those are my next EXP bags of the day!




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