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Through giving up half of his body, he finally broke free and plunged into the surging Ghost Devouring Worms below.

Granny Nether Mountain, who was surrounded, did not have any strength left. She could only watch as the half vine plunged into the worms as if it was committing suicide.

The vines that did not resist were quickly pulled underground.

Countless maggots transformed from ghosts desperately burrowed into his body.

The withered vines that were already riddled with holes welcomed these maggots like a highway.

When the maggots entered the withered vine’s consciousness, what waited for them ahead was a huge flaming snake with a snake tongue that was abnormally excited.

The maggots that did not know fear continuously pounced forward, causing the flames on the Holy Spirit Snake to become brighter and more vigorous.

Under this city, there were countless maggots transformed from ghosts. Perhaps it could even allow his Ghost Lantern Cold Flame to evolve again.

As such, there was no need to worry about the dream clone for the time being.

In the distance, Granny Nether Mountain finally could not endure it anymore. After enduring a few more hits, she simply tore off one of her arms.

Using a spell technique similar to the straw doll, she replaced her arm and threw it to the Devouring Ghost Worms below to change their target. Then, she turned into a stream of light and flashed into a corner of the city, quickly disappearing.

Without the help of the vast number of maggots under Tragic Death City, the three Earth Immortals could not keep that “Granny” behind.

After the commotion ended, the other cultivators dispersed and went about their own business.

Jiang Li stood on the spot and did not move. After waiting for a while, faint crawling sounds sounded from his surroundings.

It was the descendants of the purple vines that had fled.

Although they could not unleash much strength without Shi Pan, Jiang Li had already obtained Shi Pan’s seed.

With his ability, it was not difficult to nurture a Greater Demon-level vine. Or perhaps he could let the Nine Nether Wood clone imitate the characteristics of the Purple Vine Demon. At that time, with the enhancement of these small vines, he would have the combat strength of an Earth Immortal.

As for that Granny Nether Mountain, Jiang Li did not care.

Relying on a death token, the people on the Blood King’s side probably already thought that the corpse of the Polar Mountain King was obtained by Granny Nether Mountain.

Next, he could let “Granny” attract the firepower in the open and let him hide in the dark to see if he could find any flaws on the Blood King’s side.

However, before that, he had to find the seniors of his Great Mountain Region first.

Jiang Li and Qiu Shui followed a stunned and wretched young man and continued to wander in this super huge city.

Zhang Bobo’s remnant soul was clearly not very smart.

He often walked and suddenly stopped in the middle of the road in a daze. After stopping for a while, he suddenly recalled something and continued walking.

The route they took was also irregular. Sometimes, they would turn left, and sometimes right. They would even return the same way.

If not for Jiang Li’s decent spirit refinement cultivation and sufficient patience, he would have slapped this fellow to death long ago.

After walking and stopping for a long time, they finally stopped in front of four adjacent attics.


Zhang Bobo opened his mouth to speak, but Jiang Li raised his hand and put him back into the coffin.

With his status, it was barely acceptable for him to clean up Shu Mountain.

However, since the other party did not know that Zhang Bobo was already dead, Jiang Li felt that there was no need to say this.

It was not worth it to create a rift between him and Sword Head Pei Zhong for an evil person.

At most, he would give Zhang Bobo a bowl of Meng Po soup and let him become a new person. f𝗿𝗲e𝒘e𝚋n૦𝘃𝙚𝑙.com

The four pavilions in front of him did not look special on the surface, but he felt a hidden sword intent in one of them.

How could Jiang Li who had collided with it before not recognize the Cliffless Sword Intent?

“Finally! I found it!”

He took out a broken sword from the coffin. Immediately, the broken sword trembled and resonated with the sword intent in the pavilion in front of him. 𝑓𝑟eℯ𝒘𝗲𝑏n𝑜𝚟𝙚𝒍.𝒄o𝐦

“Brother Pei Zhong, what happened? Why did you suddenly stimulate your sword intent?”

Before the Cliffless Sword Head came out, the other three beside him had already acutely sensed the change in the sword intent and pushed open the door.

Then, they saw the two youths standing at their door.

“Jiang Li!?”

“Child! Why are you here?”

When they saw Jiang Li, they all revealed surprised expressions.

This was especially true for the previous Valley Master of the Scripture Storage Valley, Perfected Nine Years. The pity and heartache on his face could not be concealed.

After returning that night, the topic of conversation between the four of them was Jiang Li. They all felt that Jiang Li would be the new hope of the Great Mountain Region.

Sword Head Pei Zhong even personally taught Jiang Li a sword technique that could split open a domain.

However, this genius junior that they had seen not long ago died tragically a few months later and appeared in front of them.

No one could accept such a roller coaster of emotions.

“Which faction attacked the Great Mountain Region? What’s the situation of the Great Mountain Alliance now?”

“Shenshan Jianyi and the others are really useless. How can they let a junior like you stand at the front!”

“Unfortunately, even if he died, he still came to Tragic Death City! This is not a good place!”

“This young master cultivates the Palm Meditation Technique? Could he be a disciple of the Benevolent Travel Temple?”

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Cultivation! My Augmented Statuses Have Unlimited Duration


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