Big Shot's Reincarnation Sweeps the World Volume 934

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Sheng Yang turned and hurried over. What she saw made her eyelids flutter.

The young man was hugging a tree and screaming miserably. He was no longer as mature as before.

And there was a chicken under the tree. A mechanical chicken, to be precise.

“Are you afraid of chickens?” Sheng Yang looked up at him with imperceptible interest.

“Get it away, get it away…” The young man had lost all reason. He could not look at the creature’s pointed mouth at all, so he could only close his eyes and raise his head.

However, a strange phenomenon was taking place. The more he didn’t want to look at it, the easier it was for him to recall its appearance. Therefore, he held onto the tree tightly, but he was still trembling like a leaf. He broke out in a cold sweat. Some of the sweat even flowed down his face. Coupled with his jade-like skin, he looked like one of the famous ancient beauties.

Sheng Yang stopped teasing him. Since she had decided to save him, she had to do it well.

She squatted down and carefully studied the structure of the mechanical chicken. Then, she quickly and accurately opened the top of the chicken’s head. There was indeed a control panel inside. The program was extremely precise and complicated, and it was not in English but in Hebrew. However, this was not difficult for Sheng Yang, who had always insisted on learning many languages.

Her fingers worked nimbly on the control panel, deleting and typing out a series of impossibly long codes. It took only a moment. When she was done, she pressed enter and heard only the sound of metal modification.

She stood up and looked at the young man hugging the tree. “It’s done,” she said calmly.

Lan Zhou’s overall strength was indeed impressive. This young man’s arm strength alone was already astonishing. In just a short while, he had actually climbed up the tree.

Clearly, he was not afraid of heights, but he was especially afraid of chickens.

“Don’t lie to me!” The young man’s eyes were still tightly closed.

He knew the mechanical chicken very well. It was very difficult to chase it away because it was impossible to catch it.

The identifier on his watch said the thing hadn’t left.

“I never lie.” Sheng Yang’s tone was calm.

The young man still didn’t believe her, but Sheng Yang couldn’t be bothered to waste time with him. Anyway, the rescue mission had been completed, so she didn’t care anymore.

At this moment, a muscular figure suddenly ran over. Because of his physique, when he ran over, he brought about with him a gust of sand. “Who? Who changed my Antetam?”

His heart ached, and he was furious. When he looked around, other than a beautiful girl under the tree, there was also that coward Lan Yu up on the tree!

It was impossible for Lan Yu to have done it. He would never be able to get rid of Antetam in this lifetime. Besides, he was still up on the tree!

Then the only possibility…

However, Ding Xing looked at Sheng Yang and felt that it was unlikely. Antetam was given to him by his aunt at Lanca Research Institute. Even he couldn’t change the program. Even if he took it to the teachers at the Lanca Academy, the best mechanical teacher there still wouldn’t be able to change the program. In fact, the teacher would even exclaim that it was a top outstanding mechanical work in the entire Lanca.

Ding Xing turned an unfriendly gaze to Sheng Yang. “You look unfamiliar.”

Sheng Yang was honest. “I’m new.”

There was a pause. “If you want, I’ll change it back for you. It’s just…”

She glanced at the tree. “Don’t let it go around scaring people.”

She would save him till the very end.

She wasn’t considered kind in the past. At least, she didn’t go around saving people like a saint. She wondered if the friend system had led her to develop obsessive-compulsive disorder if she chose not to save the people she was told to save.

Now that she thought about it… She had tried it once before. When she didn’t save the person, the voice would keep ringing in her head, seriously interfering with her studies.

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