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Manga Taming the Tiger

Alternative TitlesDomar el tigre, Eyes Clouded By The Tiger, 目に虎の宿るが如し, 눈에 범이 서리다

Synopsis Taming the Tiger

Ahn Geumhoo, the eldest son of Ahn’s family, sets out on a journey to search for a butcher, as he’s in need of an animal’s blood for his little brother’s medicine. Along the way, he meets a nameless and peculiar-looking butcher. The butcher already famous on the streets, Ahn Geumhoo decides to give him the name “Beom”, and with his strange attraction, Ahn lets him into his home. However, Ahn doesn’t know when he became fascinated by Beom’s charm…… Original Webtoon
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Chapter list: Taming the Tiger