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Manga Please Save My Husband

Alternative Titles, The Newlywed Game - How to Save My Husband, In-law Game - Please Save My Husband, Please Save My Husband, Sea World Game - Please Save My Husband, 结婚开始的游戏, 시월드 게임 -please save my husband

Synopsis Please Save My Husband

The ideal husband; a romantic wedding day; a perfect honeymoon… Everything looks as if it’s going in the right direction, but instead I’m suddenly living a fantasy?!! Hahahaha, what the hell’s going on?! Every time I fail a quest, I’m thrown right back to the beginning of the mission! Where exactly is this heading!? To protect my husband, Yeoyun, and stop travelling back in time, I must control this marriage and the in-laws!
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Chapter list: Please Save My Husband