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The Strong Man From the Mental Hospital

Cường Giả Đến Từ Trại Tâm Thần, 从精神病院走出的强者

Ranker’s Return (Remake)

Ranker's Return (2021), 랭커의 귀환 (2021)

The Banished Villainess' Husband

Tsuihou Akuyaku Reijou no Danna-sama 追放悪役令嬢の旦那様

Girl and Science

妹子与科学, 妹子与科学: The Adventure of Fantastic World, 이세계에서 레벨업

The World After The Fall

멸망 이후의 세계 ; The World After The End ; Мир После Разрушения

Beast World's Wild Consort

兽世狂妃:不当异界女海王 / The World of Beasts: I'm not the king of the sea

Son-in-Law Does Cheap Cultivation

Běn xù xiū de shì jiàn dào, 本婿修的是贱道, Does Your Mother Need Son In Low,36D Taoist Companions Are Forcing Me to Dual Cultivate, 36DDao Li Bi Wo Shuang Xiu, 36D道侣逼我双修, Major in Meanness, What My Son In Law Repairs Is Cheap

Ultimate Scheming System

Bluffing Master Strongest Anti M.E.T.A. Zui Qiang Fan Taolu Xìtong The Ultimate Scheming System

Dreamland Adventure

My Exclusive Dream World Adventures, 我的专属梦境游戏

The Eternal Supreme

The Ultimate of All Ages, Eternal Supreme, Everlasting Supreme, The Ancient One, The Ancient Sovereign of Eternity, 万古至尊 (II)

Itsudemo Jitaku Ni Kaerareru Ore Wa, Isekai De Gyoushounin O Hajimemashita


Wicked Trapper: Hunter of Heroes

Magatsu Wanashi no Yuusha kari, Wicked Trapper: Hunter of Heroes, 灾厄陷阱师的勇者狩猎, 禍つ罠師の勇者狩り