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Manga Aporia

Alternative Titles臣服关系, 难以解决的事情, 难以解决的问题, 아포리아

Synopsis Aporia

The safe word is “cafe latte”. After meeting at a VVIP club lounge, Gyum and Ja-wook agree to enter a Dom/sub relationship. What Ja-wook fails to mention, however, is that he’s not actually a masochist, and that he’s just doing this because he fell for Gyum at first sight. Unfortunately for Ja-wook, Gyum is a known sadist among the club circles with a smile that’s hazardous to the heart – and now, the clueless first-timer finds himself coming up with safe signals and waking up with bruises after intoxicating nights with his dom. Official Webtoon Official English Note: The categories has wrong tags. The seme is not violent or manipulative, he’s just sexual sadastic. Outside his sexual aspect, he’s is very kind.
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Chapter list: Aporia