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Manga Mickey All-Stars (2020)

Synopsis Mickey All-Stars (2020)

Star artists from around the globe each draw a chapter of Mickey's wildest adventure β€” from Giorgio Cavazzano (Disney Masters) to Mike Peraza (Mickey's Christmas Carol) to Marco Rota, plus dozens more! While celebrating his birthday at a carnival, Mickey crosses the threshold of a fortune-teller's mystic portal and finds himself flung headlong into an amazing journey. He encounters one phantasmagorical dimension after another β€” a fractured fairy tale kingdom, a cubist realm, and outer space β€” with plenty of dragons, mummies, and giant mouse-eating plants along the way. (Not to mention alternate versions of Goofy, Peg Leg Pete, and the Phantom Blot!) Can Mickey get back? How deep does this rabbit hole β€” er, mouse hole β€” go?
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