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Manga Dinosaucers (2018-)

Synopsis Dinosaucers (2018-)

The Voyager, NASA's space probe launched in the '70s, has been peacefully traveling through space for years when, unexpectedly, it's attacked by an alien, laser-shooting space shuttle. The space craft belongs to Reptilon, home planet to creatures once thought extinct: dinosaurs. These creatures aren't like the sixty-five-million-year-old species, though. On the exact opposite orbit of Earth, always blocked by the Sun, and never hit by that giant meteor, the planet didn't face the same evolutionary fate as Earth, giving the planet fully evolved, highly advanced humanoid dinosaurs with technology far greater than that of Earth. Their tyrant king, however, has zapped his planet of all resources in his climb to power. Reptilon is dying, but with the new discovery they made from The Voyager, maybe they can commandeer more than a satellite to keep their species alive.
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